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Bored of Your Wife? You Can Fix It!


My wife and I have been married for a little over twelve years and have two kids who are nine and five. We’ve been really happy most of the time, but last year we started having some real problems.

The upshot was that I was bored of my wife and was actually scared that I would do something idiotic like have an affair. Since I knew that I still loved my wife and that I wanted our family to stay together, I finally decided to do something about it.

My name is Gerald Powers and you can keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about what I did to handle the situation.

A Change In Lifestyle Started the Problems

My wife is a terrific woman and very attractive, but things had changed since she decided to leave her job and try to build a career at home as a writer. I wanted her to do it, but once she was at home, things were different.

Previously, she had worked for a stock brokerage right around the corner from my office. We used to have lunch at least once a week, go out for drinks with friends once or twice a month and even hit a hotel room now and then on a Friday night. I loved the way she looked in a suit or skirt and the way she was such a go-getter at work. I found the whole thing very attractive.

Once she started working at home, though, she stopped dressing up, spending most of her days in sweats and tee shirts. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful woman either way, but I did miss her all dressed up and looking so polished.

I’m not saying I was bored with my wife because she didn’t dress up anymore, because there was more to it. We also seemed to have less and less to talk about. When we were both in the same industry, we had a lot of work-related conversation and debate, which was fun.

Talking About It Was the Hardest Part

I had heard more than one man justify cheating by saying, “My wife is boring”, as though that were an excuse. I started to get scared that being bored of my wife was going to lead me into something I really didn’t want. I was bored of my wife, but I wasn’t interested in ending my marriage or hurting her.

I finally decided that I needed to talk to Laura about it. Getting up the courage to do it was the hardest part of the whole thing. She did take it very hard and things were very tense for a few days until I suggested we go seek a marriage counseling alternative.

The Sessions Helped Me See Why I Was Bored With My Wife

Obviously, I didn’t immediately start sharing about why I thought I was bored of my wife. However, we did eventually get to that topic before the end of our first session. I think we were both surprised when we realized that not only get past it, but we could easily overcome it in the future.

We started talking to each other about the issue in ways that weren’t harsh or hurtful. I was really surprised to hear that she had her own struggles with self-esteem and feeling less attractive and interesting since she’d started working at home. I was also surprised, but almost relieved, to hear that she was feeling bored with me, too. Not since the changes, but before!

The Help Wasn’t Hard to Take At All

Once we got that out in the open, we really started to figure out what we were doing wrong (because we were both oblivious) and how to fix it. After we started making progress, it actually was fun.

My wife also started dressing up a bit-still casual, but nicer-and not just for me, but for herself. She felt sexier, so she acted more sexually confident again, too.

Now, almost seven months later, I get a little rush every time I come home.

I urge you to give Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel a try. It worked for us and I’m confident that your relationship can benefit as well.

It’s even free to get started. All you need to do is scroll up to the top of the page and fill out the request form for your first lesson (that’s what got us started).


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