Christian Marriage Retreats In Florida

Christian Marriage Retreats In Florida

Do you want to go on a Christian Marriage Retreat in Florida to save your marriage? Or would you rather save your marriage from the comfort of your own home? Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp program is just that! A program that you can do on your own terms and in the privacy of your home. Continue reading below to see the Marriage Fitness Program can change your marriage forever and you will not have to go on a Christian Marriage Retreat in Florida.

The Programs Teachings Cannot be Measured

What I have learned from you and your program can not be measured.

I feel like I am finally learning how to be the person and the spouse that I really want to be. Your course is not just a marriage course. It’s a LIFE course. I wish I could find a way to convince everyone I know to take your course just so they could benefit from the life values that you teach.

I Cannot Describe the Magnitude of What I’ve Learned

I find myself wanting to share what I’ve learned from you and yet I have a difficult time articulating myself because I can’t describe the magnitude of what I’ve learned. I’ve been and still am in the Lone Ranger track of your program … things are improving. And I’m optimistic that there is a light at the end of our tunnel. I would and do recommend this program to anyone. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight, and constant sensitivity to such difficult and heart breaking issues. You tell it as you see it and the amazing thing is that even if what you have to say is hard to hear, I still find myself feeling better for having taken your advice. Now that’s constructive! I look forward to continually learning more from you and your experience. Thank you so much for such a wonderful program. I surely would have been in a divorce by now if it weren’t for Marriage Fitness!

Christian Marriage Retreats In Florida

My Actions Definitely Impacted My Spouse

I just finished up with the tele-boot camp and I have to say it works. I was in the lone ranger track yet my actions definitely impacted my spouse and of course our marriage. My spouse has severe unresolved issues from the past, but once Mort taught me to temporarily put that aside, I got to see the good side in my man once again. It takes real personal work but it’s well worth it. The program is simple but brilliant. If you don’t end up changing your marital situation, you still would’ve changed yourself – and that’s the best success!!

If you are looking for a way to save your marriage then Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot camp can be just the program that you are looking for. The program is very comprehensive and better than a Christian Marriage Retreat in Florida. Sign up today and see how Marriage Max can help fix your marriage.

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