Christian Marriage Retreats In Alabama

Christian Marriage Retreats In Alabama

Traditional marriage counseling is known for dredging up the past an only after that do traditional marriage counselors try to rebuild marriages. Christian Marriage Retreats in Alabama are no different. Shannon and Greg were going through a rough patch in their marriage and were on the verge of divorce. Shannon knew that she did not want to do traditional counseling because rehashing the past she knew would not help. Continue reading below to see what Shannon and Greg discovered using Marriage Fitness and not going on a Christian Marriage Retreat or to traditional marriage counseling.

The Sight Of My Husband Made Me Mad

Everything my husband and I did just made us get on each other’s nerves. Just the sight of him made me mad. We decided to get a divorce and we were waiting for the right time to tell the children.

As a degreed behavioral counselor, I knew that I didn’t want the typical counseling, dredging through the past — because I know that it will always be there, but the fact of the matter is you can’t change it and it really doesn’t help to muddle through it over and over and try to change your feelings about it.

I can’t tell you how much it meant to us to have a guideline through it all, we started changing our behavior. My husband’s changes started immediately. My changes have been and still are developing much slower. We are getting there, thanks to Mort Fertel and Marriage Fitness.

Christian Marriage Retreats In Alabama

We Are Implementing The Program

Hi Mort

Alex and I have completed the marriage fitness program last week. We are implementing your secrets, we found the program very fulfilling.

We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary August 16. I was 18 and he was 21 years old when we got married. We have twin boys 23 and a daughter 25 years old and we are proud grandparents 3 times. Both grandaughters are just over 2 years old and a grandson 3 weeks old.

I’m glad I found your program back in February, for us it was a matter of reconnecting, yes we were roommates with not much conversation. Alex and I did the dual track. Alex signed up for the program, I received all of your e-mails which I couldn’t wait to read.

I Want To Thank Mr. Fertel In Person

We learned so much, and with your help were able to reconnect. We read our marriage mission statement every day, and do the 7 secrets. and I love the poem “The Beauty of Love” yes there is a more beautiful thing than young love, Old love, I want to be Old Love with my husband.

I’m hoping someday to have the opportunity to thank you in person.

If you are searching for a way to save your marriage, look no further.  Marriage Fitness can be the answer for you.  Christian Marriage Retreats will not necessarily help you they will dredge up the past and probably not fix your marriage.  Marriage Fitness will teach you how to put love first and once that is accomplished love your spouse the way you used to.

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