Christian Marriage Retreats In Louisiana

Christian Marriage Retreats in Louisiana

Did you see Christian Marriage Retreats in Louisiana advertised? Are you wondering if there is a more private way to fix your marriage than to sit with many other couples that are having problems as well? Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp Program can be just the answer you were looking for. Continue reading below and you will see how others in similar situations to yours used the Marriage Fitness program and were so happy they did not go on Christian Marriage Retreats.

Separated and Back Together

Mort I just wanted you to know my husband and I where separated for 6 months. I got your cds by myself and listened to them. When I knew who I was my husband came home. He listened to the cds and it related a lot to him and his feelings. We have been back together for over two years now.

I am Astounded By the Program

I am simply astounded to say that after working the program…my husband caved and said he’s seen how amazing I still am and it’s always been me that he wanted. Just like that, he moved back in, started telling me he loves me, calls all the time, insists on date night — I see a beautiful future again!

Thank you! I’m so glad I never went to traditional therapy!

The Program Did Wonders

Bill and I did not completely make it through all the program; we did complete all the tele conferences and the Q&A’s and basically got through step 3 of the 4 part program. Our Notebook suffered as during the last 2 weeks of our program Bill was diagnosed with prostrate cancer so our focus completely changed.

The program did wonders and continues to do wonders. We fixed what we had broken due to lack of focus on each other and continue to practice everything we learned.

The program was fantastic as I could not – without your Q&A’s make Bill understand what he was doing wrong without appearing extremely selfish. By the time I received the program, I thought I was going crazy, then I went through all the Q&A’s looking for answers and found them. I marked the one’s he should definitely listen to and explained that if these do not address our problems, nothing will. Between our sincere discussions, those q&a’s and the first three steps of the program, we quickly got back on track and remain so.

Now to get through our next test! Thanks a million times over for getting us on the right track and for your help.

Christian Marriage Retreats in Lousiana

If you are trying desperately to fix your marriage, try Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp. Fixing your marriage from the comfort of your home, sounds a lot more convenient and private than a Christian Marriage Retreat does! Try the Marriage Fitness program you will not regret it. With the Marriage Fitness program you will be able to say, “I am so happy I never went on that Christian Marriage Retreat in Louisiana”.

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