Christian Marriage Retreats In Maryland

Christian Marriage Retreats In Maryland

Do you or your spouse want to go on Christian Marriage Retreats in Maryland? Are you wondering if its worth listening to a counselor have you dredge up your past before moving forward? Are you thinking, does it really work?

Below is a story from someone who’s husband surprised her by saying he wanted a divorce and she most definitely did not. She went searching for answers and found Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp program. Continue reading below and see how she used Marriage Fitness to rebuild her marriage with love.

My Husband Blurted Out That He Wanted A Divorce

My husband told me he wanted a divorce. He basically blurted it out one night, then started sleeping in the guest room. I was completely shocked and surprised. He wanted to separate right away– I didn’t understand the urgency, why the push to leave “all the sudden” when we’d been married for 12 years. He said he felt no urgency, that he’d been thinking about it for months, even years. He said he had no feelings for me anymore and was just “done”. The problem was, he kept it all inside. He didn’t share his thoughts and feelings with me.

I Searched For Answers To My Prayer

Completely devastated, I started searching for answers, fixes, anything to put my marriage back together. I found Mort Fertel’s marriage fitness website. I showed it to my husband. He said it all sounded like some marketing scheme and he wasn’t interested in “fixing” anything. So, I signed up anyway– for the Lone Ranger track.

The day I received my kit in the mail, my husband was talking about actually filing for divorce. I began implementing the techniques immediately.

Christian Marriage Retreats In Maryland

We Are Getting To Know Each Other Again

After being in the program two weeks, he stopped talking about the separation. He was being nice back. After four weeks, he agreed not to file, and to try to work things out. But he refused to do the Marriage Fitness thing and he was against counseling. He said he was going to read a couple books on marriage that his mom gave him. By the sixth week he told me he wanted to stay married to me, but wasn’t ready to be intimate or move back into our bedroom.

We’re getting to know each other again… slowly. We’re building a friendship that perhaps wasn’t there in the beginning. He thinks we got married too young, too fast. This program saved my marriage. Without it, I had no idea what to do or how to start turning my marriage around.

Thank you Mort. Thank you.
~ TS=

If you are looking for a way to save your marriage and the only option that sounds good to you so far are Christian Marriage Retreats in Maryland, stop, call Marriage Fitness today. Sign up for the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp program and see how you can change your life with this program more than any Marriage Retreat could have done for you.

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