Christian Marriage Retreats In Ohio

Christian Marriage Retreats In Ohio

Are Christian Marriage Retreats in Ohio effective when trying to save a marriage? Traditional marriage counseling retreats generally dredge up the past and there is a lot of “he said, she said” that goes on between a couple.  Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program is the exact opposite.  Mr. Fertel says in his program to put love first and only once that is accomplished, deal with the past.

Brian and Lisa’s marriage was crumbling.  They tried counseling and reconciling but nothing was working. Then one day they found Marriage Fitness and the rest was history.  Continue reading their story below and see how the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp saved their marriage and can do the same for yours.

Marriage Counseling Made Us Angrier Than We Were

Dear Mort,

It was amazing how, from the very beginning of reading your website, ordering and receiving Marriage Fitness materials, participating in the boot camp program, hearing all that you had to say, participating in the Q & A’s, reading everything that we read, and doing the exercises in the work book, pertained to exactly what we have gone through and are currently going through. Brian described it like “Mort was reading my mind”!
We tried a few sessions of marriage counseling about 4 years ago and it was as you described. We came out angrier than we went in and at that time the decision was made that counseling wasn’t for us. We have struggled tremendously for these last 4 years, trying to do the best that we knew how to do with some improvement, until we came to the “final straw” in July of 2007. This, as far as Lisa was concerned, was the breaking point and she was thinking divorce was the only answer.

Christian Marriage Retreats In Ohio

Marriage Fitness Helped Us Remember Our Love For Each Other

In July of 2007, we reached out to the Internet and found your program. What a God send! Through Marriage Fitness, you helped us remember that we do have a deep passionate love for each other. We just needed to figure out how to find that lost love and make it evident to each other again. We lost our “connection” and we needed to learn to re-connect once again. In our 23 years of marriage, we had 13 moves in a 17 year span, job changes, raising children, both of us traveling with our jobs, loss of loved ones, etc. We were unable to show our love for each other in an effective manor any longer. Over time, this pushed us further and further apart.
We thank you so much for your program as it has shown us how to get back to where we were before “Life” got in the way.

We Rekindled Our Relationship

Mort, we can’t thank you enough for the hard work and effort which you have put into your program. You have taught us how to reconnect and rekindle our relationship and we are grateful for that. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship in our marriage and a long relationship with Mort, his staff, and Marriage Fitness program.
Brian & Lisa

Does this story strike a chord with-in you? Do you want to take a stand and change your marriage? Sign up with Mort Fertel for his Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp Program you will get more help and information than you would on any Christian marriage retreat in Ohio.

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