Complaints about Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

Are there complaints about Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel? I know that’s a strange topic to blog about. But some people are asking, so I thought I would address the question.

The answer is “yes,” I do get some complaints. It’s inevitable. You have to understand that over the past 8 years over 1,000,000 people have used the Marriage Fitness program in one form or another. I don’t know if it’s possible to deal with that many people and not get some complaints. If you check me out with the Better Business Bureau you’ll see that (at the time of this writing) there have been 15 complaints (all of which have been resolved to the satisfaction of the BBB). Let me help you with the math: that’s .0015%, which is about 1 complaint for every 66,000 people.

I hate that there’s even 1 complaint against Marriage Fitness, but I remind myself that 1 in every 66,000 people are nuts. In other words, some people are just angry; no matter what they’re going to take their situation out on someone else. And sometimes I get in the way.

Some of the complaints against me pertain to the refund policy. I don’t know how I can be any clearer about the refund policy. It’s posted on every order page in black and white. And we follow it to the letter. I’m not embarrassed to say that I issue refunds all the time. The program doesn’t work for everyone (the success rate is 90%, but it’s not 100%). When it doesn’t work, and when people meet the refund requirements, we issue a refund. It’s really pretty simple administratively. Frankly, I don’t even get involved. Internally, the policies and procedures are clear and my admin staff follows them.

You know who complains? People who don’t meet the refund requirements and want their money back anyway. And people who are just angry about the failure of their marriage and looking to take it out on anyone who’s in their way. The irony is that when I see how some people deal with my office I can see why their spouse is divorcing them. I wouldn’t want to be married to them either. They’re angry people with serious character flaws. I feel bad for them. But I’m also offended that they would complain online for no other purpose than to try to hurt me, when, in fact, they know they have no legitimate claim; they’re only intent is to try to pressure me, threaten me, to get their way.

There’s a part of me that wants to bow to whatever they want. I don’t want complaints written about me online. Financially, it’s never a big deal. But it’s the principle. It’s not right. And that is a big deal to me. And if I bow, then these people will continue with their unethical ways of dealing with legitimate businesses.

The reason the refund policy is stated so clearly and publicly is so that there can be no misunderstanding or question about who is entitled to a refund and who is not. It would not be professional or ethical for the distribution of refunds to be a matter of judgment or opinion. Nor would it be fair to make exceptions. We administer the refund policy with complete integrity and without exception. That means that the same guidelines apply to everyone

And we never claim to be the final judge. If anyone feels we made a mistake or have not evaluated a situation appropriately, we are always happy to submit to the determination of a neutral third party. We offer to engage in a simple arbitration process conducted by phone and fax and agree to accept the determination of an objective arbitrator.

As you know, disputes sometimes occur between people and between consumers and businesses. Our willingness to submit to arbitration demonstrates that we’re interested in discovering the truth and doing the right thing; not in getting our way. But sometimes what we discover is that this is not the intent of the person complaining. Instead, they just want their way, and their method of getting it is to complain.

So “yes,” of course, there have been some complaints about Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel. But there have been many more accolades and testimonials. Have you seen all the success stories:

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Further to my reputation online, I’ve been a featured guest on ABC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network. I’ve also been a featured expert on scores of talk radio programs. And the Marriage Fitness program appeared in many publications including Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, Library Journal, Women’s Health, Denver Post, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Toronto Sun. Now I ask you: How many complaints against Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel could there be if I’ve been featured in the media like this? These places check you out carefully before they invite you on their show. They don’t want to be connected with anything that’s not totally legit. You can find a more extensive list of media appearances here:

Are there some complaints? Yes. It’s unavoidable. But the program works and it’s helped thousands of people through their marital crisis situations.


Mort Fertel

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