Does A Trial Separation Work?

Does A Trial Separation Work?

Are you and your spouse wondering if you should try a “trial separation”? Stop wondering! Don’t try a “trial separation”. The health of your marriage depends on it.  With Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness, you will see how living together is the best idea for your marriage. Mr. Fertel will teach you how to put love first and get your marriage to the level it needs to be.

My Husband Asked If He Could Move Back In!

Hello, Mort!

Just talked with Adina to pass along the fantastic news…my husband this past Friday asked if he could move back to our home and is committed to reconciling our relationship and marriage! He even has agreed, although we’re both still a little tentative and “getting to know each other again”, to in the coming months take a vacation somewhere tropical/exotic (we like those kinds of places) and – in a very private ceremony with only me, him, and our 6 y.o. daughter – renew our marriage vows. We’ll either do it there or at the church we got married in, although I would love it to be on a warm beach under an arch of flowers at sunset!

The Program Supported My Efforts To Save My Marriage

Thank you SO MUCH…your program very seriously was the only thing that supported me in my efforts to save my marriage and gave me the tools to work with as well as the understanding of why my husband was acting the way he did and why my “gut feel” was actually making the situation worse. I will always be in your debt and will continue to strongly recommend the program to any friends or acquaintances who are in a period of marital difficulty or just want to make their marriage the best it can be!

Warm regards and huge thanks.

Does A Trial Separation Work?

Neither Of Us Have Ever Been This Happy


John and I are more than happy to give our testimony and I would recommend your program to anyone having relationship difficulties. I’m including a picture too. Taken today.

We’ve been married 30 years and have 4 children. All of them are on their own now, but our marriage has been going downhill for at least that last 25 years. Your program has made us feel like newlyweds again! Neither of us have been this happy. And with the knowledge that we have gained through the years, applying your techniques and following your program, we are probably more happy than we were even when we first got married.  It’s even difficult to be around others because we don’t want to miss a second apart.

We’ve been going fairly slow in the workbook, but we are getting things done! Counseling would have cost us so much more money and a divorce (which was imminent the day we ordered your program). It was well worth the money and the time and effort. We’ve never had a relationship this good, even in the beginning.
All I can do is say thank you and your wife for the insight and ideas you have given us.

If you are considering a trial separation sign up with Marriage Fitness to prevent that from happening.  Mr. Fertel will be able to bring you and your spouse close together again. You will be able to love each other more than you ever have.

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