Does Marriage Counseling Work – Statistics?

Statistics and What You Can Do to Defy Them

Couples therapy. It’s a last resort for many caught in the throes of marital discourse.

But does marriage counseling work – statistics say a lot of things, and while they are useful for researchers, you would be wise to take the data with a grain of salt.

My name is James and I am a guest blogger on Mort’s site. Something that you need to remember is that what fails for one couple might prove successful for you. There’s really no way to forecast the outcome.

Still, as you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of divorce and therapy, it can be helpful to closely consider the abundant information available to you.

This blog post outlines some of the more recent trends in marriage. Hopefully, you can find a way to apply this information as you ponder over the question, “Does marriage counseling work?”

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Statistics – The American Divorce Rate

Divorce in America has taken a downward turn over the past two decades, or so say the experts at Pew Research Centers.

“The national divorce rate is higher now than it was a century ago, but it has been declining for the past two decades,” they cited in an online article titled “At Long Last, Divorce,” published June 4, 2010.

According to updated figures released by the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2008, there were 3.5 divorces per 1,000 people compared with 4 per 1,000 people in 2000.

What these figures don’t tell you is that many of these divorces occurred – and still-occur – IN SPITE of repeated attempts to attend therapy.

This begs the question: Does marriage counseling work?

Statistics – The Impact of Divorce

Last year, Pew published the results of an extensive study of the modern American family in a report called “The Decline of Marriage and Rise of New Families.”

As they investigated trends, they also focused on the impact of divorce on families.

Here’s what the experts discovered:

  • 42% of children with divorced parents say they face a lot more challenges than other children
  • Only 50% of divorced adults are “very satisfied” with their family life
  • About one-third of those surveyed stated that their family life fell short of their expectations; a third of those people attributed their unhappiness to divorce

Statistics – The Cost of Divorce

If you’re working on your marriage and divorce seems like your only option, keep in mind that separation is not cheap.

Not only do you have to calculate the legal fees, but you also have to factor in the expense of setting up a second household, alimony and child support, and the equal division of property.

You can’t really put a price tag on breaking up, but recent estimates reveal that the average cost of divorce in America ranges from $15,000 to $30,000, according to Forbes Magazine.

The Success of Marriage Therapy

Does marriage counseling work? Statistics on this subject are, unfortunately, extremely hard to track down.

I can confidently say, however, that in my experience, I’ve seen a substantial number of couples emerge from traditional counseling programs even unhappier than before. Many still divorce.

Why? There are several reasons:

  • The face of divorce is changing so rapidly, and few counselors are able to keep up.
  • Therapists rely on outdated psychotherapy methods centered on the individual instead of on the marriage relationship
  • For the sake of neutrality, counselors don’t take a clear stand for either marriage or divorce
  • They offer no clear-cut how-to guide to fix a broken marriage

I want to encourage you not to allow your qualms about low success rates to keep you from seeking help.

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So does marriage counseling work? Statistics say, “only sometimes.” But if you are in crisis and need marriage help right now, “sometimes” isn’t enough.

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