How We Beat Our First Year Marriage Problems

First Year Marriage Problems

My name is Pamela Knutt, and until recently I thought my first year marriage problems would end my marriage for sure. Without help and advice, we would probably be separated by now.

I’m so glad I figured out how to fix my relationship with my husband Jim before it was too late. Here’s how we did it:

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Issues After The Wedding

My wedding was the best night of my life. But after the wedding, things got much worse.

We constantly had fights, huge fights, about the stupidest things. Even on our honeymoon, we were having issues – we argued about the tips we gave to the waiters!

At first, I thought it was just a phase. And it sure seemed that way – we would fight one minute, then come back together again, often passionately. I thought that maybe this was normal, that all couples had these issues.

But then the problem continued, and got worse. Our fights became more frequent, and louder too. We often argued halfway through the night, sometimes it seemed like just for the sake of arguing. We never seemed to get around to the real issues.

Suddenly, our first year marriage problems didn’t seem so normal. I wondered if it was it really common to have fights like this. Maybe our marriage wasn’t meant to be.

Then, one day, I said something I shouldn’t have.

“I Want A Divorce!”

I didn’t even mean it, but out it came. I told Jim I was sorry, but he said it was too late to take the words back, that the damage had been done.

Jim left town for a business trip and didn’t respond to my calls or texts. I was terrified that he would leave me or have an affair while he was away.

Finally, Jim gave me a call to tell me he was coming home. I asked if everything was okay between us and he said it was, but his tone told me that it wasn’t.

I frantically searched for a way to save my marriage and fix my relationship with Jim. I knew I had made a mistake, but I also knew that solving our first year marriage problems meant figuring out how to put an end to all the fights.

The Advice That Saved Our Marriage

I found this site after searching for advice on the internet. I joined one of the programs because I know I had to figure something out before Jim got home. It was now or never, so I had to act fast.

What I discovered when I started the program was a huge relief. It is actually quite common for couples to have fights during the first year of marriage, problems or no. Jim and I were still adjusting to being a couple instead of separate individuals – no wonder we fought a lot!

When Jim arrived home, I told him what I learned. Jim agreed, and said that his time away gave him a chance to realize how much he had been overreacting to everything in our relationship.

We worked through the course together, and learned how to forgive each other for our mistakes. We learned how to give each other space when things get too heated so we could cool our jets.

While we’re a long way from solving our first year marriage problems, things are looking up. And Jim and I just celebrated our first anniversary!

Getting Help Made The Difference

Between fights and disagreements, I now know that our first year marriage problems were bound to happen. The good news is that, with hard work and sound advice, our marriage is better than it ever was.

Check out Mort Fertel – he offers an alternative to marriage counseling. Jim and I used his Marriage Fitness program to get our relationship back on track. We still go back to the CDs and exercises whenever we need advice on something on our marriage. It’s a great resource!

If you have fights like Jim and I, or don’t know if your marriage will work out, there is hope. Fill out the form below for free advice from Mort, who has helped couples just like Jim and I get things together. It could be the push you need to keep your marriage alive.

Jim and I agree – thanks for all the help, Mort! We’ve come a long way since.

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