How Can I Trust My Husband Again?

How Can I Trust My Husband Again?

Did something happen in your marriage that is making you doubt your husband? Are you wondering, “How can I trust my husband again?” Unfortunately, whenever a husband and wife go through a rough patch it is not uncommon to have one spouse be skeptical about what the other spouse tells him or her. Continue reading below and you will see how Marriage Fitness can help save your marriage and teach you how to trust your husband again.

I Resented My Husband, He Left Me To Take Care Of Everything

Before I took the plunge into Mort Fertel ‘s Marriage Fitness Program, my marriage was in the toilet.

During my pregnancy with a Down Syndrom child, my husband sank into a deep depression, leaving me to hold the family together. I resented him. Our marriage nose-dived, and I faced divorce with four kids under the age of 10!

I came across Mort Fertel ‘s website, and decided to try the Lone Ranger Program. I didn’t hold out to much hope, as I thought at the time that there was nothing that would make me feel love toward my husband again. I was the one leaning towards divorce, but I did this program as a last resort just so that I could say that I “tried”.”

Once I started the program, my anger began to soften. I saw my husband as a person needing love and understanding, rather than as a self-absorbed man. As I began to change, he did, too!

Thank you, Mort!!

I Started The Program And We Began To Reconnect!

What meant the most to us was that Mort has been through a difficult situation in his own marriage and practices the techniques he teaches. They worked…and it shows in the way he talks about his own marriage.

It’s one thing to have someone give wisdom arbitrarily but quite another when someone has walked in your shoes. While each marital situation is different, re-connecting after a disconnect has universal principles and Mort teaches them well. I highly recommend his program for any marriage in need of an awakening.

How Can I Trust My Husband Again?

I Am Now The Best Husband My Wife Could Ever Want!

First, understand that I am not the type of person to write in and give testimony. It is with great pleasure that I do now. The value of what you provide is not comparable to any other program out there. I now look at what I thought were “marriage problems” and realize that they are blessings. You have taught me the values and principals I need to be the best husband my wife could ever want. My life is different. I’m confident my marriage will continue to progress into one of deep love not only for the both of us but in the eyes of God as well.Thank you for everything!

Do you wish that your husband could be the “best husband that you would ever want”? Sign up with Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness and you will learn how to trust your husband no matter what.  You will be able to say, “My relationship is slowly transforming into something new and infinitely more positive.”

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