How Do I Connect With My Spouse Again

How Do I Connect With My Spouse Again

Are you and your husband trying to recover from your spouses infidelity? Did you ever ask yourself, “How do I connect with my spouse again?”  Continue reading below and you will see how others that were in your shoes recovered and got their marriage back on track using Marriage Fitness.

How Do I Connect With My Spouse Again?

Calling It Quits

Mr. Fertel…..

My wife and I have been married for 29 years. Almost ten years ago, our marriage began a downhill slide that nearly ended in divorce. There were many issues — job loss, career decisions made unilaterally, finances, pornography, flirtations. We were desperate, and were ready to “call it quits“.

Last December, I had what you describe as an “emotional affair” online with a high school classmate. It was the culmination of a long period of time when I was not connected to my marriage and my wife. She discovered that I had been “chatting” with this woman, and we had a major blow-up. One morning in my desperation I “googled” counselors and found your website. I completed the online marriage quizzes and am embarrassed to say that I failed miserably. However, that was the beginning of a complete change in direction for me and our marriage. All I can say is that you must have been sent by God to me and my marriage. It has been nothing short of miraculous. You have truly been a blessing to us, and have made an ENORMOUS difference in me and the way I view my marriage, in my wife and how she “sees” me, and how we communicate with each other.

Miraculous Change In My Marriage

We have purchased and listened to your CD’s, and have just completed our second reading of your book. We have applied your techniques and can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you have transformed our lives! We both read and print off your emails as they come, and are consistently amazed that the words we read are exactly what we need at that moment, or reflect the feelings we have felt in the recent past. It is to the point now where we both look forward to them arriving in my in-box because it inspires us to be better people, a better couple, and better parents to our children.

Creating An Environment To Heal In

All I/we can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for bringing me back to my wife from the brink of disaster, thank you for helping my wife find the ability to forgive, thank you for helping us see WE can have a marriage we can be proud of for our family and ourselves. Most of all, thank you for helping us create an environment to heal all of the old wounds and pain I created as a result of selfishness and foolishness, and for giving us the tools to create the kind of marriage we should have had all these years. We will both be forever grateful.

Infidelity is hard to recover from.  If your husband cheated on you and you want to trust him again, and you ask yourself, “How do I connect with my spouse again?’ Marriage Fitness can be the answer to your prayers.

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