How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again

How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again

Does your wife claim to have fallen out of love with you?  Are you wondering “how do I get my wife to love me again?”  You are not the only man with this thought going through your mind.  Continue reading below and see how others in similar situations to yours used Marriage Fitness to help them, and got their spouse to love them again.

Good morning Mort,

I want you to know we would be honored to serve you in this way and share with others the amazing ways our marriage has been saved.

My Wife Gave Up On Me

I had the opportunity to speak with you on the phone once… as an American serviceman whose marriage was destroyed by long deployments and the stress of the Global War on Terror. I was a soldier serving in Iraq when my wife gave up on me and betrayed our family with an affair during my deployment. I have learned, demonstrated and applied the principles from Marriage Fitness… and we have slowly recovered the remnants of a lost family. My wife and two sons thank you for this wonderful program.

I too… like many others… owe you and your wife a debt of gratitude.

There Was A Significant Change In Our Relationship


Having recently completed the Boot Camp, and due primarily to me being out-of-town for more than half of the 7-weeks, even with me/us botching the schedule and the workbook assignments, my wife and I are ecstatic over the quantum change made to our relationship, our newfound ability to communicate, and mutual desire to strengthen our marriage.

How Do I Get My Wife To Love Me Again

To have our teenage kids advise us that we’re “creeping them out” lately, due to the amount of attention we have been giving each other (not to mention the thought of mom and dad “going on a date”), we must be doing something right.

Celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday really took on a special meaning, considering that a couple months ago (and for several years leading up to it), I was miserable in wanting to get back the feelings we once had, but not knowing how to do it.

I cant believe it was as simple as it really was.
Heartfelt thanks.

My Spouse Loves Me Again

Dear Mort,

I just wanted to say a simple “Thank you”. I have done your program as a Lone Ranger, even though my husband knew. You have turned me and my life around. It is so hard to get practical, honest support and advice. My husband has made a total 360 turn about… Thank you. !!!

You are not alone.  It is possible to get your wife to love you again.  Sign up with Marriage Fitness today, and see how you and your spouse will look at each other with the same love that you did the day you met. You will be able to say, like others that have used the Marriage Fitness program, “my wife and I are ecstatic over the quantum change made to our relationship…”

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