How Do You Know if You Married the Wrong Person

How Do You Know if You Married the Wrong Person

I have a common question that many married people ask: how do you know if you married the wrong person. I thought that there is so no one single answer to this pressing question. However, my story will show you how I was able to work through the issue at hand. My name is Elise and I am sharing my success story as a guest blogger for Marriage Fitness. My husband and I have been married for fifteen years. Although we were not the ideal couple, we still loved each other. In the beginning, we were extremely happy in our marriage. Yet, for as long as I can remember, we have been fighting and jumping down each other’s throat over the smallest things. It seemed to me that if I married the right person, we would not treat one another this way.

Is This A Mistake

In attempt to make an effort to stay together for our children, my husband and I began seeing a marriage counselor. After several months of traditional marriage counseling, my husband and I saw no results. It felt as if we were bringing our arguments into the therapist’s office instead of creating a solution. I was hoping to find some answers but I was left with none. Because of this experience, I was convinced that there was no hope for my marriage. It felt as if I was stuck in the wrong marriage. But, how do you know if you married the wrong person? I wanted the answers but it seemed like they were nowhere to be found.

How Do You Know If You Married The Wrong Person

Making A Decision

I wanted to believe that my husband was the right man for me but it was really hard to believe that when I was constantly feeling upset about our marriage. Even on our good days, it seemed like something was missing. My husband felt the same way which validated my feelings. The only thing that did not make sense to me was that we used to be so in love. So how do you know if you married the wrong person when you used to love each other so much? Was it possible to have to work this hard with the right person? It came to a point where both my husband and I knew that we had to make a decision. We either had to end our marriage and break up our family or we could find a way to fix our marriage.

Falling In Love Again

We made the decision to give our marriage a last chance. This was the best choice we could have made for our relationship and for our family. We joined Marriage Fitness Boot Camp which gave me exactly the answer I was looking for. This program not only helped my husband and I fix our marriage but it showed us how to fall in love with each other again. We are extremely thankful and happy with the results of Marriage Fitness.

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