How Do You Know if You Should Get Divorced

How Do You Know if You Should Get Divorced

After being unhappy for so many years, how do you know if you should get divorced? My name is Abby, I was invited to tell my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. I was always a big believer that you should never give up on a marriage but how do you know when it is too much? With my family at stake, I wanted to be happy and to stay in my marriage yet it seemed like there was no way that I would be able to actually correct the issues at hand. Continue reading my story to see how I found out the answer to my question: How do you know if you should get divorced.

Always an Issue

Ever since the beginning, nothing came easy to us in our relationship. There was always some sort of problem that my husband and I were occupied with. As soon as one issue was resolved, a new problem arose. We were never able to enjoy our marriage. Because one thing always led to the next, we soon found ourselves creating distance from each other. It was easier to avoid conflict than to be in a hostile environment. I felt that if we are avoiding one another, than maybe it was best to separate. But, how do you know if you should get divorced? After much consideration, my husband and I both agreed it would be the best choice to stay together for the children.

How Do You Know if You Should Get Divorced

Am I Happy?

Besides for the reason of our children, I wanted to stay married to my husband because I loved him. However, I was still not convinced that this was the right way to go. Even after all of our attempts at fixing our marriage, I still did not feel happy. I didn’t expect marriage to be easy, but I believed that I should at least feel happy. I wanted more than anything to want to be married, yet this was not the case. I was still not sure if my feelings would justify a divorce though. The guilt was eating me up that I decided to seek a professional opinion for the answers to my question.

Seeking a Professional Opinion

I emailed Mort Fertel from Marriage Fitness asking: how do you know if you should get divorced? The response I received was so encouraging that I signed up for the Marriage Fitness Boot Camp right away and I finally received the answer to that I was looking for. My husband and I completed the program on the duo track. After finishing the boot camp, all of the unresolved issues that were once present have completely vanished. We do not have the perfect marriage, but now we have the tools to have a healthy marriage. All I wanted was to be happy in my marriage and I got exactly what I was looking for. My husband and I are so happy and I know that we can work through anything now.


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