How Do You Move On After Cheating

How Do You Move On After Cheating

Many people want to know: how do you move on after cheating? Do you have the same question as I did? I was recently in a situation where my husband cheated on me. He begged and pleaded with me to stay together and fix our marriage. Unfortunately, as much as I loved my husband I did not see the possibility in moving past the hurt and betrayal. Through all of my feelings, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw the hope for our marriage. My story will show you how to move past the infidelity in your marriage. My name is Katie and I am writing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.

His and Her Views

Although many times a marriage might seem as if it is failing, I learnt that this is the most important time to dedicate yourself into your marriage. When my husband and I found ourselves falling out of love, we allowed for this to happen instead of trying to stay closer together. We began communicating less and spending less time together. When my husband had an affair, we were already disregarding each other’s feelings which made it easier to want to give up on our marriage. I felt as if this was my way out. However my husband had a very different view. He wanted to correct both his mistake, and anything that was wrong before his affair. This obstacle made him more determined to fix our marriage. I appreciated his dedication, but how do you move on after cheating?

how do you move on after cheating


I wanted to move on from this hardship. I wanted to pretend that it never happened. I wanted to make my marriage good again. However, I didn’t know if I would ever be able to look at my husband the same let alone be sexually intimate with him. I was flattered that he wanted to make everything right, but that didn’t feel like an effort was enough. I couldn’t see myself ever getting over the feelings of betrayal. My husband asked me to go to therapy with him, but I did not believe that a therapist would ever be able to make my feelings disappear and that was the only thing I was wishing for. How do you make this happen? How do you move on after cheating?

Finding a Solution

My husband made a promise that he would win my love back and thankfully, he stuck to his promise. He signed us up for Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp without telling me. Because he was making such a huge effort, I couldn’t give up on our marriage yet. The boot camp taught us how to move past the infidelity. It showed us that there is hope for our struggling marriage. But most of all, Marriage Fitness guided us to falling back in love. If you want to move past cheating in your marriage, Marriage Fitness is the way to go.

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