How Do You Move Past Infidelity

How Do You Move Past Infidelity

After being unfaithful to my husband, I wanted to know how do you move past infidelity. It was clear in my mind that I wanted to stay married but I didn’t know if it was fair to ask my husband to stay with me. I loved my husband and he meant the world to me but I did not know if we could fully move past this obstacle in our marriage. I knew that if I wanted to move past the infidelity and get back to being happy, it would take a lot of effort and dedication. I know that in order to accomplish success, I would need to get an unbiased professional opinion. My name is Diana and I was invited to share my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website.

Background Information

My husband and I were married for almost twenty years. We loved each other but had recently fallen into a boring marriage. Having an affair seemed out of the question until it actually occurred. I committed the worst offense to my marriage. Guilt was eating me alive and I knew that I had to end my affair. I couldn’t ever imagine hurting my husband this way only now it was actually happening. However, I was greatly conflicted: how do you move past infidelity in your marriage. I knew that I would be able to atone for my wrongdoings but I didn’t know if my husband would ever be able to forgive me. After I told him that I had been unfaithful, he didn’t even want to look at me. He had no interest in speaking with me let alone forgiving me.

How do you move past infidelity


Living with Consequences

I knew that I would have consequences and I was willing to accept them. Yet, I didn’t want to lose my husband. I tried doing everything in my power to get my husband to forgive me.  After begging my husband to speak to me for days, the only thing he asked for was time. He promised that he would not leave me but he needed some space. I was too afraid of losing him to actually take a break from my husband. I was so thankful that he was giving me another chance, but I didn’t think this was the most beneficial way. I wanted to put everything in the past, but how do you move past infidelity.

Moving Forward

I wanted to do what my husband asked of me, but I couldn’t bear the thought of being apart any longer. Instead I took initiative and began Marriage Fitness Boot Camp. I started the program alone and waited until my husband was ready to join in with me. Marriage Fitness taught us how to move past the infidelity in our marriage. It also showed us how to prevent being unfaithful in the future. I am beyond thankful that my husband gave me a second chance to prove myself in this marriage. I am even more thankful that we were able to fully move forward.

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