How to Communicate Better with Your Wife

5 Steps to More Effective Marriage Communication

If your marriage has recently run into trouble, then one thing you need to figure out is how to communicate better with your wife.

A healthy understanding of how spouses should communicate with each other is the key to developing the kind of marriage that will endure through arguments and other troubles you might face.

Without the kind of effective communication needed for a marriage to thrive, you expose your relationship to a number of potential issues like stress and resentment.

Hello, my name is Justin and I am a guest blogger on Mort’s site. On this page, I’ll be telling you about how you and your wife can communicate with each other in a way that will foster growth in your relationship.

You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes that I often see as the root causes of troubled marriages.

Building a strong marriage is a process that takes time and dedication from both partners, but the advice that I offer on this page will help you lay the kind of groundwork you need for a long lasting union

When you ask yourself about how to communicate better with your wife, think about the steps that I am about to show you and you’ll see how you can reach that long-lasting union that will ensure both you and your wife are happy.

1.   Take Time to Be With Each Other

Human beings, by nature, are social creatures.

We thrive on relationships with our friends and family, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to your wife.

In order to grow as a couple and learn how to communicate better with your wife, you want to find time to be with her. More importantly, you need to prioritize that time.

It’s understandable that life gets in the way.

With jobs and other social obligations often demanding your time, it’s easy to see how spending time with your wife  can fall to the wayside, but finding time to be with each other is the first step toward a lasting marriage built on solid communication.

I say that spending time with one another is important for better communication because it creates situations where you and your wife will where become more familiar with each other.

While you may think that you know the person that you married well enough, people can change over the course of a relationship.

By making an effort to spend more time with your wife, you not only show her that she is a priority in your life, but the time you spend together will lead to sharing between the two of you that will strengthen your bonds and make it easier to open up as the years progress.

2.   Talk Through Everything, both Good and Bad

When I say everything, I really mean it.

One way that many couples sabotage their communication dynamic is by using passive-aggressive tactics that only serve to divide and isolate.

When there is an issue between you and your wife, it helps to talk about why it upsets you so that the two of you can work through the issue and avoid it in the future.

Figuring out how to communicate better with your wife goes hand in hand with maturity. Doing things like refusing to speak to her or saying nothing is wrong when there truly is a problem only makes things worse.

When an issue comes between the two of you, not addressing it can cause the issue to grow, and that will only drive you further away from each other.

3.   Keep Emotions in Check

It’s no secret that trouble in a relationship can lead to emotions running high, but learning how to communicate better with your wife hinges on you being able to control your emotions for the sake of diplomacy.

Take a step back from thinking about your marriage for a minute and consider any other time that you have been upset by someone in your life.

Didn’t you have an easier time working through an issue by evaluating the situation, considering both sides of the issue, and carefully thinking about how it could be solved to the benefit of everyone involved?

The same practice can be applied to marriage.

Letting your emotions control your actions when resolving conflict in a marriage can lead to verbal and emotional abuse that will create resentment, not resolution.

When you’re learning how to communicate better with your wife, avoid anything that could give rise to that resentment.

Take responsibility for how you feel, but don’t let your feelings guide your actions when thinking them through will ultimately lead to a healthier relationship.

4.   Show Respect and You’ll Be Respected

It’s human nature to want to s be right, but this can lead to conflict more often than it leads to anything else.

One important step in learning how to communicate better with your wife is always showing respect for her opinion, no matter how much it may deviate from your own.

If you criticize, use sarcasm, berate, or insult, then you not only put her on the defensive as she attempts to justify her choices and behavior, but you can create an environment of tension and combativeness that will lead to a host of other marriage difficulties.

Without mutual respect, you’ll take your marriage in the direction opposite of the one that you want it to go.

Which leads me to my fifth and final point in how to communicate better with your wife…

5.   Know that Effective Marriage Communication Goes Both Ways

It doesn’t do anyone any good to do all of the talking.

In learning more effective communication, you have to be able to listen too.

Your wife has something to say. Letting her speak her mind is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship based on communication and understanding.

If she isn’t used to talking, it helps to encourage assertive behavior that will encourage a fast resolution of marital issues that can threaten the relationship.

Part or learning better communication means not dominating the conversation when working through marriage problems, or even during happier times.

Knowing how to communicate better with your wife relies on flexibility just as much as it does both partners working together for the sake of a strong relationship.

By doing equal shares of talking and listening with your wife, you are well on your way to building a healthy, lasting relationship.

Practicing Effective Communication Starts With You

If you want to learn how to communicate better with your wife and make sure that problems in your marriage don’t snowball into larger issues, then it takes the right kind of help to make it happen.

As a professional marriage counselor, I will be able to help you come up with effective strategies on how to communicate with your wife that will allow you to overcome the kinds of troubles that have affected countless relationships in the past.

If you’re serious about becoming better at communication and making sure that your wife is always happy, then go to the top of the page and put your name and email address in the box to receive the Top 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage – absolutely free.

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