How To Love Your Husband Again

How To Love Your Husband Again

Are you falling out of love with your husband? Did something happen in your marriage that makes it hard for you to love your husband?  Are you trying to discover ways how to love your husband again. Read below and see how other people in similar situations to yours found and renewed their love for their spouse using Marriage Fitness.

He Had An Affair

Dear Mort,

I am writing to you for all of the couples out there that are wondering whether or not this would be beneficial program for them. I found myself wondering the same thing about 8 weeks ago when I read about the Tele-Boot Camp program. My marriage of 25 years was over, my husband had a 3 week affair and had left the house, our 2 daughters and me. He was unwilling to work on anything and had decided he wanted a divorce. I felt completely out of control, the counseling didn’t seemed to be helping. All I could see was everything I thought I new to be true about our marriage was wrong. I didn’t know what to do, all I was sure of was I still loved my husband and I didn’t want a divorce. I found Mort’s program on the Internet and was sure nothing was going to help me or my situation. I joined the Tele-Boot Camp in the “Lone Ranger Track” meaning I did the program without my husband. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I wasn’t sure how this stranger was going to help when I couldn’t, and I lived with this man for 25 years, WOW, was I surprised!

“WOW, was I surprised!”

I listened to the Cd’s, read the book, did the homework and followed the guidance that Mort gave us in the weekly Tele-conferences. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but the amazing thing I started to notice was I no longer was feeling out of control, I found I was calmer, more focused and very excited at the subtle little changes that would periodically occur. At our final question and answer seminar I spoke with Mort to let Mort know that I had a positive yet small break through with my husband. I had invited him out to a movie and he went, then 2 days later he called to talk and later that day he invited me to go for a ride with him. This was so encouraging, the Memorial weekend was coming up and the best news was about to come. My husband and I spent very day together, boating, fishing, just being together!

How To Love Your Husband Again

Reuniting And A Healthier Marriage

I still have a long road ahead but I look forward to the work, the break through’s and hopefully the re-uniting of my husband and myself in marriage, but a healthier marriage. Thank you Mort for the guidance, the encouragement and all of the support. I hope my story helps re-assure any one who may be doubtful about the program, I would recommend Tele-Boot Camp to all!!

You can learn how to love your husband again.  Your love for your spouse is hiding behind clouds of what happened.  Marriage Fitness will let the sun shine and show you how to love your husband again.

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