How To Tell If Your Wife Is Having An Emotional Affair

How To Tell If Your Wife Is Having An Emotional Affair

Hello, my name is Christopher. I would like to share with you a story about what happened after I searched the internet looking for information on how to tell if your wife is having an emotional affair. Unfortunately, my wife Susanna, whom I have been married to for nineteen years was getting to close and comfortable with a friend, and not only did I notice it, but my friends noticed her relationship as well.

From the moment that I met my wife, I fell in love with her. I loved the fact that she was so independent and confident. I loved that she had the ability to make you feel like you were the only person in the room that was full of hundreds of people. I loved everything about her. She became my best friend over night, and within the year, she became my wife. Eventually she became the mother of my children as well.

How To Tell If Your Wife Is Having An Emotional Affair

Friends With Everyone

My wife always was a very friendly person. Whether it was a male or female, she was always their best friend right away. She had that personality that everyone was attracted to. That same personality was what attracted me in the first place. I never thought that her friendships were inappropriate because she was always the same way to everyone. To me, I was used to it. Never thought anything was weird…

Within the past couples of months, I have noticed that my wife has become extra secretive. I also noticed that her phone was ringing more and more, many of the times the call was from one particular man. One particular man that was supposed to be one of my close friends.

Hoping For the Best

At first, I thought everything was normal. Maybe my wife was talking to my friend because she was going to surprise me. Maybe since my friend has known her for so long, he needed advice on his marriage. A lot of maybes were going through my mind. I mean, how could my wife ever become so close with someone that it would be considered an emotional affair. My wife would never do that. She knew her boundaries, and she was pretty good about not crossing the line.

Everything changed when I overheard one of the conversations that she was having with my friend. I was shocked. My wife, the one who was very loyal to me, and knew how much I was okay with her friendships because I trusted her, was the same person that was speaking in the most inappropriate way. It wasn’t a joke. It was serious.

Listening to Advice

My friends kept saying to me “You need to know how to tell if your wife is having an emotional affair.” At first I thought that they were crazy but then I realized that they were right. I needed that answer. Right away I spoke to my wife about what I was feeling. My wife immediately went on the defense, which was expected. After a bit of going back and forth, she suggested that we would should go to counseling. If that was going to save my marriage, I was on board.

Together, my wife and I searched for marriage counseling. From that search, we found Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. After using the program, we were able to work on our marriage from home. I finally understood my original question, “how to tell if your wife is having an emotional affair.” My wife and I now set boundaries, and we were able to work on our marriage in a healthy way.


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