How To Get My Husband Back Home

How To Get My Husband Back

My name is Meg Saroyan. Two years ago, my husband packed his things and walked out the door. I was devastated!

I didn’t want to believe him when he said our marriage was over, and I was determined to win him back. I knew if I wanted to know how to get my husband back home, I needed to help. I asked friends for advice on how to win him back, but they were caught just as off guard as I was.

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No One Could Advise Me On How to Get My Husband Back Home

Everyone told me to stay strong and be patient. I tried staying strong for our children’s sake, but deep inside I was a mess. I constantly obsessed over how to get my husband back home.

When he would come to visit the kids, I’d beg and plead him to come back. It didn’t work. I researched blogs and read books. They also didn’t work. I even tried going to a women’s support group, but I wasn’t comfortable sharing my personal feelings with strangers. Another letdown.

I needed to find another solution.

You Can’t Win Back Your Husband Until You Understand Why He Left

What finally worked for me was a marriage course I found online. There was a section in one of the sessions that personally resonated with me and made me open my eyes and see clearly. It read: “You can’t win back your husband (or your wife) until you understand why he (or she) left.”

I realized that I had been going about winning him back in the wrong way.

I was looking for surefire strategies to bring him back and things to change about myself to make him like me more. Never once did I actually consider his reasons for leaving. Maybe it wasn’t me!

How to Get My Husband Back Home—The Solution

Suddenly I had a new approach for how to get my husband back home.

I invited my husband to meet with me to talk about our separation. He knew that we had to address the situation eventually. He talked about his reasons for leaving, and I couldn’t have been more off with my assumptions.

I was ready to change things about myself to show him that I was serious about giving us another shot, but that wasn’t the issue at all. Sitting in front of one another and sharing our feelings and thoughts we came to a realization together. It was a new beginning.

It took us three months to go on a “date” and another month for him to move back home. Working things out didn’t happen overnight. It took open communication of ideas, dreams and philosophies.

The important thing, though, is that I got my husband back. I never gave up on love, and he really appreciated that.

If you’re going through a similar situation, don’t lose hope. Don’t turn your back on the person you’ve promised your life to until you’ve given it everything that you can. And then give it more.

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I owe my marriage to his program.

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