I am Not in Love with My Husband Anymore

I am Not in Love with My Husband Anymore

When I realized that I am not in love with my husband anymore, I thought that there was no hope for my marriage anymore. I was ready to give up on my husband and my marriage. My name is Andy and I was invited to share my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. Although I knew that I am not in love with my husband anymore and I had lost all hopes for rebuilding my marriage, I was able to completely turn around my marriage and fall back in love with my husband. Continue reading this blog to see how my husband and I were able to overcome this obstacle together.

Background Information

My husband and I were so happy right when we got married. We were inseparable and I always imagined that we would grow old together. There was not a doubt in my mind that we would be in love and together forever. Therefore, I could never picture myself being able to say that I am not in love with my husband anymore. However, to my dismay, my husband and I were gradually falling out of love with each other. At this point in our marriage, we had been together for seventeen years and had three beautiful children. Ending our marriage and getting divorced did not seem like it was an option, financially or emotionally. Yet, in my heart I felt that our marriage was over.

I am not in love with my husband anymore

Attempting to Fix Our Marriage

When I told my husband my thoughts, thankfully he agreed that the feelings were mutual. Both my husband and I felt that we had lost our spark. We felt that we could no longer offer each other the affection and love that we both deserved. However, with that being said, we agreed that seeing a marriage therapist would be in the best interest of our family. Almost reluctantly, we went to our meetings twice weekly to attempt to rebuild our marriage. We attended our meetings religiously for six months and barely saw any results. Because I was not expecting any positive results, I was not distraught. We were about to give up on our marriage until we learnt about Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp.

Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp

Although we considered traditional marriage counseling to be our last attempt at fixing our marriage, Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp sounded like a great option for our situation. Being an alternative to traditional marriage counseling made this program catch our attention. The in-depth boot camp was exactly what we needed in our marriage. Our love was already there, it was just hidden. Marriage Fitness was able to help us find our lost love and rebuild our marriage. Once the boot camp was completed with all of our dedication, my husband and I fell in love all over again. We highly recommend that anyone in a similar situation should join this program to better their marriage.

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