I Don’t Love My Wife Anymore

I Don’t Love My Wife Anymore

Are you falling out of love with your wife? Does it frighten you to think that you can live without her? Don’t let your love for your wife dissipate.  Marriage Fitness can help you find your love for your wife again and have you and your wife loving each other more than ever.  Read below and see how another couples marriage was saved using Marriage Fitness.

Our Relationship Seems Stale

My wife and I were high schools sweethearts and have been married for almost twenty one years. After two kids, separate jobs and the ever-increasing pace of life, we found ourselves totally frustrated with each other and on the verge of divorce. No infidelity or anything; our relationship just seemed “stale” and more work than what it was worth.

I spent over $250 on various marriage “help” books and we even attended professional marriage “counseling” to help resolve our conflicts and problems. It wasn’t working …we had become masters at blaming each other and resolving conflict by ignoring each other.
I then came across Mort Fertel ‘s Marriage Fitness program. I purchased the program and decided to take the CD’s with me to listen to while driving on a business trip. When I left for my trip, my wife and I gave each other the robotic, “Drive careful” and “See you soon” rhetoric, but we both could still feel the immense strain between us. In actuality, I believe we BOTH were glad I was leaving for the weekend.

Rediscovering What We Used To Have

Anyways, after the listening to the first CD, I found myself contemplating my role in our marriage. I began to actually rediscover what we “used” to have. Instead of feeling like I was in competition with my wife, I actually started remembering all the things that used to make her feel special…that I was no longer doing. I called her immediately on the cell phone and told her my revelation. I told her I couldn’t wait to get back to see her and was already missing her. She began to cry and told me how much she loved me and that she was looking forward to my return. That reaction alone had been a long time coming.
Upon my return, we listened to the CD’s together. Within a week, our marriage improved immensely. Mort’s perspective on concentrating on the marriage and each other; rather than the “problems”; was the most profound, yet common sense, solution…many of our “insurmountable” problems simply dissolved. It was our perspectives and lack of focus on each other that were actually “causing” the problems in our marriage.

I Don't Love My Wife Anymore

Unfortunately, these bad habits had been learned over the last 10-15 years. We also found if we were not diligent about practicing or focusing on the Marriage Fitness program, our bad habits would resurface (avoiding, ignoring, etc.) and our marriage would begin to slide. “Plugging-in” each week with Mort gave us that “commitment” we were lacking. After several weeks, we are not perfect, but “DIVORCE” is not even in our vocabulary. I look forward to coming home. My wife looks forward to my coming home. We enjoy being with each other again.

Mort’s Approach Can Rebuild And Sustain Any Marriage

How much do I believe in Mort Fertel ‘s approach?
For Christmas, I purchased 10-15 of Mort’s materials for my family and friends. I have already heard from a handful who wanted to express their gratitude for my thinking of them. A co-worker, who has been through three marriages, told me he wished he’d had seen Mort’s materials before his last divorce. It is such a POSITIVE, common sense approach to rebuilding or sustaining ANY marriage.

If the words “I don’t love my wife anymore” ever creep up in the back of your mind, sign up with Marriage Fitness right away.  Marriage Fitness will teach you how to learn to love again, to plug in what you learned, and to be fully committed to your spouse.

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