I Fell Out of Love with My Wife

I Fell Out of Love with My Wife

When I noticed that I fell out of love with my wife, it came as a big shock to me. I had always pictured our marriage to last forever, but I did not think it was the right thing to stay married if I was not in love anymore. Would it even be possible to fall back in love with my wife if I wanted to? If we did work through this, would our marriage be the same after? These were all questions that running through my mind day and night. My name is David and I am a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness blog. I will show you how I found the answers which guided me to falling back in love with my wife.

My Realization

I was out of town for work for days at a time, which already put distance between my wife and me. It was always harder to communicate our thoughts and feelings via phone calls and email so many times issues would go ignored. This would only build up resentment towards one another making for a hostile environment when I got home. Yet, I was always still so excited to go home to see my wife and family. However, my feelings all changed suddenly without me realizing. It soon became dreadful to come home. Instead of it being exciting, I would now begrudgingly go home. Home was now where I was always yelled at or at times ignored. Home became a place where I had a roommate, not a wife. I only realized that I fell out of love with my wife when I went to extend my business trip as not to have to go home.

I fell out of love with my wife

Stalling For Time

I was devastated when I realized that I fell out of love with my wife. I thought that my only option would be to get divorced, but I was too scared to confront my wife with my feelings. Plus, I was afraid that my wife would suggest therapy, which I was not interested in because I felt that we would not be able to overcome this challenge. Even though it was not what I wanted, in my mind, our marriage was over. I walked around with all of these thoughts in my head for weeks, until my wife confronted me.

Always Right

My wife knew that something was wrong and took action by herself. She signed us up for Marriage Fitness Boot Camp and at first I was hesitant. I didn’t know how I could be happily married if I didn’t love my wife anymore. When we completed the program, I was shocked by the results. Marriage Fitness guided us to fall back in love and create the happy and healthy marriage that we wanted. The program also gave us the tools to maintain this lifestyle. Thankfully, my wife is always right. If not for her initiation, I would no longer have her in my life.

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