I Made A Mistake By Getting Married

I Made A Mistake By Getting Married

I was convinced that I made a mistake by getting married to my husband. I was in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship with my husband for so long now that I did not see any hope for fixing our marriage. In my mind, I was done with my marriage and ready to move on. My name is Susan and I am sharing my story with you as a guest blogger for Marriage Fitness. Although I had made up my mind that I did not want to work on my marriage, my husband was able to show me that it was worth it. Continue reading below to see how my husband and I were able to completely turn our marriage around.

A New Lifestyle

When my husband asked me to marry him, I was ecstatic. There was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to get married to John. I was so in love with him and I genuinely felt like the happiest person with John. But as soon as we got married, we began living a whole different lifestyle. We stopped going on all of the fun dates that we used to go on. On top of the changes in our lifestyle, we were now swamped with responsibilities. We also had to consider our finances, which is something that we mainly disregarded before we were married. This new lifestyle was convincing me that I made a mistake by getting married to John.

I Made a Mistake By Getting Married

Mutual Feelings

I still loved and cared for my husband very much, but I was left with a feeling of entrapment. I had only been married for two years which made me terrified that I would feel like this forever if I stayed married. I felt extremely guilty, but I couldn’t help thinking that I made a mistake by getting married. I kept my feelings to myself until now, however I did not think I could last much longer. When I mentioned my feelings to my husband, he agreed with me. To my surprise, he also wanted to go back to feeling the same way as when our relationship began. It was a huge relief that my husband and I would be able to work on this hardship together instead of giving up on each other.

Fun, Love and Excitement

My husband and I loved each other too much to give up everything that we worked so hard for. We were determined to find a solution. The search for assistance was so difficult that I had almost given up hope. Yet, my husband was so strong in our journey. He persuaded me to join Marriage Fitness Boot Camp. After we completed the boot camp, we felt like we were dating again. The fun, the love, and the excitement were all coming back again. We not only fixed our marriage but we were now in a completely new marriage. John and I owe all of our happiness and success to Marriage Fitness.

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