Is It Bad That My Husband Talks To His Ex?

Is It Bad That My Husband Talks To His Ex?

Hello, my name is Krisann. Recently, my husband Jack and I sought marital counseling. I would like to share with you some of the reasons why we sought counseling, and our positive results after finishing Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program. In my opinion, things went down hill because I was wondering “Is it bad that my husband talks to his ex?”

Is It Bad That My Husband Still Talks to His Ex?

In The Beginning

Eight years ago, Jack and I got married. When we got married, I was under the impression that my husband had a lot of female friends but none really meant anything to him when I asked if he had any feelings for any of the ladies, past or present. Right away, Jack said that I was the only girl that he cared for. I took his word for it.

A few months after our wedding, I kept seeing my husband’s ex wife’s name appear on his cell, and on all types of social media. At first, I figured maybe it was me being nervous and that I was totally overreacting. I mean, why on earth would his ex wife be contacting him. The divorce was final, and there were no kids in the picture. She got what she wanted so why would she be trying to contact him? Plus, from the stories that I heard, my husband was not the biggest fan of his ex wife.

Always Seeing Her Name

As time went on, the ex wife’s name appeared more and more, and finally I grew sick of feeling concerned as to why she was calling. I asked Jack what was going on, and he said that he has been talking to her because they are still friends. Jack also said that since I was fine with him speaking to his other female friends, he didn’t think he needed to tell me about this one. What Jack didn’t realize is that although I’m okay with him speaking to his other female friends, I was also under the impression that he was never “into” any of these ladies so I let down my guard a little. Not only did he one time love his ex, but he chose to marry her. If she didn’t mess up their relationship, I doubt he would have ever left her in the first place.

Hearing that my husband and his ex are still close, and from what it seems, they have been getting closer by the day broke my heart. There is no way that I am comfortable with sharing my time with this person. She ruined her marriage, and I luckily was able to meet him and start a relationship with him. I was torn between being jealous and being overprotective. I was jealous because I knew my husband at one time loved this person and I am sure he has certain weaknesses towards her. However, I was overprotective because this is the same lady that really hurt my husband. The man that I met years ago was so broken down. It took quite a while to see him happy again, and willing to trust again.

Seeking Help

Instead of constantly fighting with my husband about his ex, and wondering “Is it bad that my husband talks to his ex?” I decided that we should seek marital counseling together. This way his ex wouldn’t be the cause of the constant tension in our marriage. To my surprise, Jack actually agreed to the idea. Together, we found Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. Through this program we were able to work on what is appropriate in our marriage, and what is not. My confidence was finally lifted, and I am glad to say that I now have my husband back.

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