Marriage Communication Exercises Can Help!

Marriage Communication Exercises

Hello, my name is Selena, and this is the story of how I saved my marriage. My husband, Todd, and I have been married for just a little under three years, so we’re still practically newlyweds.

We love each other very much and are about to have our first baby in just a few weeks.

However, about six months ago, we were having real problems with communication. Even though we’d done some marriage communication exercises in our premarital counseling, we didn’t really seem to communicate the same way.

We were constantly arguing and we both knew that we needed to do something about it… fast!

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We Found Lots of Marriage Communication Exercises That Didn’t Work

Todd and I talked about the issue and agreed to try to learn how to improve our communication in marriage. So, I ran out to the bookstore and got a few books that had marriage communication exercises and relationship building activities.

A few of them were interesting and fun, but for the most part, many of them were just a waste of time and money. There were a lot of exercises for rebuilding trust and other situations that just didn’t apply to us.

We weren’t cheating on each other—we just needed help communicating like we used to.

Some of the marriage communication exercises just struck us as silly or as not really applying to real life. Some of the exercises just looked good on paper and didn’t even work.

After trying them out, we ended up selling the books on eBay and looking elsewhere for help.

We needed marriage communication exercises that were practical and would work for us—real people with real problems.

We Moved Our Search Online for Help

Getting fed up with self-help books, we ended up looking online for help in learning how to talk and listen effectively. At this time, the only thing we could agree on was that we needed help!

I did a lot of reading on marriage counseling sites, but they were mostly articles about how to save your marriage, with very little help for couples who were happily married but wanted to improve their marriages.

Finally we found this site and everything began to change. We read a lot of the articles on communication in marriage, which helped us. Then we decided to go to one of the marriage retreat weekends the site mentioned.

A Couples Weekend Was Just What We Needed

The couple retreat ended up being just what we needed to get the communication ball rolling. There was a lot of relationship building activities to help couples get closer and learn some new things about each other.

There were also a lot of marriage communication exercises that actually made sense. They were real world activities for real world marriages.

We had a great time on the weekend away and came home with a lot of “homework” or additional exercises that we could do on our own time. That weekend really jumpstarted what we were trying to accomplish in our marriage.

Since then, about four months have passed and we’re still doing the marriage communication exercises together once a week.

Good Communication in Marriage is So Important

We’ve read that problems with communication in marriage are one of the leading causes of divorce. I’m proud to say that we’ve done something to fix the issues we were having with our own communication.

We’re still far from perfect, but we very rarely argue now. In fact, what would have been an argument in the past, now usually leads to laughter.

Our marriage is so much better.

If you’re having problems with communication in your marriage, there are some great exercises and resources for you that will really help if you give them a chance. Fill out the form below and Mort will send you free marriage tips.

I’d hate to imagine where Todd and I would be without this program.

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