Transform Your Marriage – Counseling Alternative Reviews You Can Use

Are you and your spouse disillusioned with traditional couples therapy? Are you sifting through marriage counseling alternative reviews and blogs online, unsure of which services to trust?

If you’ve unsuccessfully attempted marriage therapy, and you are curious about alternate solutions, take a minute or two and read the article below.

Hi, my name is Louise and I am a guest blogger on Mort’s site. In this blog post, I’ll reveal:

  • What forms of counseling solutions are on the market today
  • The benefits and weaknesses of both traditional and nontraditional therapies
  • How consulting marriage counseling alternative reviews can help you in the decision-making process.

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This is the Age of “Do-It-Yourself”

New age conveniences like the printing press, the Internet, television, live audio and video streaming, wireless connections and more, have revolutionized the way couples work through relationship problems.

More and more people are turning to “do-it-yourself” programs that promise quick fixes from virtually anywhere (so long as it’s not the therapist’s office).

Couples in crisis now have the option to turn to books and workbooks, structured DVD programs, weekend retreats, intensive online classes, teleconferences, and web video conferencing for professional advice.

But how successful is the modern marriage counseling alternative? Reviews can be deceiving. Some experts say to avoid these courses altogether. Others claim that attending therapy leads straight to divorce.

What is the truth? Does marriage counseling work or should you rely on a self-help program? How can you determine which path is right for you?

Conventional Therapy Versus Alternative Solutions

Each side presents its own valid benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages to traditional counseling include:

  • Customized solutions to fit each couple’s unique set of problems
  • A neutral zone away from the stresses of home and family situations
  • Face-to-face expertise

But, this option often fails to provide:

  • A team-centered perspective
  • A strong defense of marriage over divorce
  • A step-by-step strategy to tackle the issues
  • A lengthy time commitment

Meanwhile, a typical marriage counseling alternative reviews each couple’s circumstances while offering:

  • Structure
  • Privacy
  • A more affordable investment
  • Recovery in less time

Substitutes for traditional counseling also pose disadvantages. Depending on the program, you run the risk of choosing a program that is:

  • Geared towards more generic concerns rather than those unique to your background
  • Impersonal
  • Developed and led by someone who isn’t certified

How to Choose Wisely

If you are unsure about where to go next, or how to select a credible marriage counseling alternative, reviews – particularly those from industry professionals and other couples – can be valuable resources.

Before you do your research, it might be helpful to develop a checklist that outlines your needs and expectations.

Then, go online and read what other couples and therapists have to say about the therapists and counseling alternatives you are considering. Discover for yourself which experts have a higher success rate and which ones you should avoid.

Remember that a good marital therapist or counseling alternative should always deliver:

  • Pro-marriage leadership
  • Attention to the couple relationship rather than to the individual
  • Positive reinforcement rather than a focus on past mistakes
  • Help and support, even in an emergency
  • A specific plan of action

If any of these practices are missing, whether you’re looking at traditional counseling or an alternative, you’re most likely setting yourself up for failure.

Why Marriage Fitness Works Every Time

I understand you might be overwhelmed by all of this information. Maybe you don’t have time to read marriage counseling alternative reviews. You’re at the end of your rope, desperate to save your marriage right here, right now.

Let me introduce Marriage Fitness.

Marriage Fitness is not counseling nor is it a one-size-fits-all instant solution to all of your problems. It is a customized, step-by-step workout that helps couples to repair their marriage together and instill positive relationship habits.

With Marriage Fitness, you get a spectrum of resources at your disposal – teleconferencing sessions, audio learning resources and workbooks – all led by a personal, certified, pro-marriage advocate.

Thanks to Marriage Fitness, thousands of marriages have been saved from:

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Marriage Fitness works, even if you have to save your marriage alone.

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