Three Months Ago I Was Losing Interest in My Wife, Now I’m Falling in Love With Her

Losing interest in wife

Ted here – this story is about how losing interest in my wife Debra wasn’t the end of my marriage. Here’s how I saved it!

Last year, my wife had a brief affair with her college boyfriend. I was devastated and angry, but through marriage counseling I thought we had worked through it.

Then three months ago I realized that I was losing interest in my wife and in saving our marriage. I didn’t think there was anything I could do to stop divorce from happening.

But online marriage help was the answer we needed.

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Losing Interest in Your Wife After An Affair Is Common

In a last ditch and kind of halfhearted effort to stop divorce, I found this site through a friend. I was surprised at how much information was available on losing interest in your wife and saving a marriage.

I guess I thought that our situation was more unique but sadly that just isn’t true. There were so many stories and articles that really rang true and hit very close to home, especially about the difficulty of regaining trust in a relationship, which I knew was my biggest issue.

Saving a Marriage Takes Both of You

The online marriage help I found here gave me just enough encouragement to talk to my wife and to get her to seek online marriage counseling with me. That was the most important step.

Saving a marriage takes both partners and we needed to work together to stop divorce from destroying our family.

Through the online marriage help, we learned:

  • How to reopen lines of communication.
  • How to rebuild lost trust.
  • How to repair our broken friendship.
  • Why she had had an affair to begin with.
  • How to prevent it from ever happening again.

Working Together to Stop Divorce in Its Tracks

There’s no doubt in my mind that my wife and I were headed for divorce. Losing interest in my wife was a symptom of our problems, not the problem itself. The same thing is true of her affair-it was a symptom of other problems.

The online marriage help got us talking to each other, which was the first step to regaining trust in the relationship and saving a marriage that was well worth saving.

We are still working together every day to make our marriage stronger and to make sure that issues are addressed before they lead to bigger problems. However, I am no longer losing interest in my wife.

In fact, I’m rediscovering the woman I married and falling in love with her all over again. She says the same is true for her. We agree that the fact that we’re working as a team is the reason that we are able to see each other in a new light.

Act Fast If You’re Losing Interest In Your Wife

I’m pretty sure that time was running out for my marriage very quickly. I think if I had waited a few more months, I would not have been able to stop divorce from ending our relationship.

I’m extremely grateful that I found the online marriage help program we needed to get back on track and start rebuilding our lives. If you’re in the same situation, I strongly advise you to get help. We did and we’re going to make it!

To save your marriage, fill out the form below. Mort will send you some free tips that can help your marriage get back on track.

It’s not too late – but act quickly!  If you want to save your marriage, take the first step. I’m sure glad I did.

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