Mort Fertel Reviews

Mort Fertel Reviews

A question I’m often asked: “Mort, are there independent reviews of your program?”

I try include on my web site as much information about the Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel program as possible, including customer reviews, many of which you can find here Each review is independent, since they’re all a simple cut and paste from the email sent to my office by real customers.

But I’m well aware that many people would like to see reviews of the Mort Fertel program on independent sites. So, here you go, a list of seven independent reviews for the Mort Fertel program. Your opportunity to hear what other people have to say about me.

Mort Fertel Review #1

The Marriage Counseling Blog reviewed Mort Fertel and voted the Marriage Fitness program the #1 Marriage help program.

Mort Fertel Review #2

The American Marriage Advocacy Association reviewed Mort Fertel and ranked the Marriage Fitness program number one.

Mort Fertel Review #3

Here’s an entire site devoted to reviewing Mort Fertel and the Marriage Fitness program.

Mort Fertel Review #4

Here’s a site that reviews Mort Fertel along with a few other marriage help programs.

Mort Fertel Review #5

Here’s another site that reviews Mort Fertel and a few other self-help marriage programs.

Mort Fertel Review #6

The Family Marriage Counseling Directory reviews Mort Fertel and the Marriage Fitness program.

Mort Fertel Review #7

Here Larry Bilotta reviews Mort Fertel and the program.

Mort Fertel Review #8

Here is a grateful review by a Marriage Fitness Graduate on his personal blog.

Not every review is totally glowing; I guess that’s proof that they’re independent.

Warm regards,
Mort Fertel

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