My Family Doesn’t Like My Husband, What Do I Do?

My Family Doesn’t Like My Husband, What Do I Do?

Hello, my name is Donna. I would like to share a story about an awkward situation that I went through with my husband of sixteen years. I had to ask a question that I have been avoiding for years. My family doesn’t like my husband, what do I do?

My Family Doesn't Like My Husband What Do I Do?


From Day One

From the day that I met my husband, my family was not thrilled with him. At first, they were very outspoken about it but after years of being married, it became like my husband doesn’t exist in their eyes. Anytime there is a family function, it is very clear that my husband doesn’t belong there. The only people that actually make an effort to make my husband feel comfortable is the extended family.

Every time I would approach my family about their disdain for my husband, they would brush me off with saying that they have their own reasons. It bothered me that my family didn’t even have the decency to let me know why they have formed their negative opinions about him.

Stuck In the Middle

Granted, my husband does have a difficult personality. He is extremely hard to please, and is most of the time preoccupied with thinking about work but besides that he does treat me well. Knowing that my husband treats me well often was overcome by me thinking how much my family is not thrilled with my husband. I became blind to the fact that I was indeed happy in my marriage, and I was so focused on outside influences affected my thinking.

Not only did I realize that my family didn’t like my husband, my children had picked up on their feelings as well. I usually am the kind of person that could find answers for everything, unfortunately, when my children asked why their grandparents didn’t like their father, I had no answer. How could I answer such a question, especially when I, myself didn’t know the real reason.


Not Realizing What I Had

I have to give it to my husband, he was very aware from day one that my family didn’t approve of him but he still never gave up pursuing me, and he certainly never gave up being with me. Even though he has always been a constant presence in many awkward situations, the fact that he had to swallow his pride would really get to him. He would get angry, and upset. To see him like that really bothered me, I would constantly ask myself, my family doesn’t like my husband, what do I do?

Not being able to answer my questions irked me. I wanted to so badly for everyone to get along but sometimes I was so overcome with thinking about solutions that I often neglected my husband’s feelings. After many fights about that, we decided that we should go for counseling. We were able to find Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. Through this program, we were able to focus on the present and work on the outside influences affecting our marriage. We were fortunate enough to get counseling before it was too late.

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