My Family Wants Me To Get A Divorce

My Family Wants Me To Get A Divorce

Even though my family wants me to get a divorce, and is putting great pressure on me, I do not feel the same way. My name is Rachel and I am a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. I have voiced my opinion to my family on multiple occasions, yet they constantly try to convince me otherwise. The insistent pressure from family has become a pressing issue in my marriage. The great impact has left both my husband and I in a perpetual argument. My husband and I have tried many techniques on fixing our marriage, but always wind up in the same place, until our last attempt. Continue reading our story to see how we were able to tackle our issue and rebuild our marriage.

Our Biggest Issue

When my husband and I got married, my family was very fond of our marriage. However, with recent events my family wants me to get a divorce. They are unhappy with our relationship’s dynamics, our financial state, and our lifestyle. My husband and I did not have the perfect marriage, though it was fixable. My husband and I had been arguing often which we knew was not healthy. Therefore, we were planning on trying talk therapy as a way to strengthen our communication to be able to begin fixing our marriage. However, this plan did not go as planned when my family began to involve themselves. My family’s opinion now became the biggest topic of discussion and was the cause of the majority of our fights. Instead of helping the situation, my family was now adding fuel to the fire.

my family wants me to get a divorce


My husband thought that any issue I brought up was brought to my attention by my family. It felt as if none of my concerns were valid anymore. I didn’t care that my family wants me to get a divorce, yet my husband felt the need to mention it multiple times a day. My husband was so insulted and hurt from my family, that he even asked me to take a break from speaking with them. I didn’t think that this was a fair request, but being as though I wanted to stay in my marriage I didn’t think I had a choice. All I wanted to do was focus on bettering my marriage and being happy with my husband while keeping a good relationship with my family. I didn’t think that was too much to ask for.

Taking Initiative

I was caught in the middle of a terrible situation and I knew that if I did not take initiative it would eventually become disastrous. I was not willing to allow that to happen. My husband and I signed up for Marriage Fitness Boot Camp in hopes of saving our marriage. It was the best decision we have made. Marriage Fitness saved our marriage and made it possible for us to approach our situation with my family. We could not have asked for a better outcome.

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