My Family Wants Me To Leave My Husband

My Family Wants Me To Leave My Husband

My husband and I have been going through a really difficult time in our marriage recently so my family wants me to leave my husband. I understand their point of view, yet my husband has taken great offense to their opinion. My name is Anne and I am writing about my recent experiences as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. I am hoping that my story will be an inspiration for anyone that is going through a similar situation as me. I am sharing my story to show that you can find hope in a struggling marriage. Please read below to see how you can work towards saving and bettering your marriage.

Valued Opinions

Being extremely close with my family has both its upside and down. I really value the opinion of my family members and that is why I tell them everything. I go to them for support and advice. I genuinely want to her everything they have to say, however lately it has negatively impacted the relationship between my husband and I. When my husband and I began fighting, our fights turned intense quickly where name calling and shouting were always present. My family frowned upon this behavior and was not willing to support my marriage anymore. Being that I was the one in the marriage, I wanted to make my own decision, but my family disagreed. It was very hurtful that my family wants me to leave my husband instead of helping me fix my marriage. I heard their argument, but I owed my husband and myself a chance.

My family wants me to leave my husband

Coming to an Agreement

My husband, on the other hand was not very understanding of their point of view. He was extremely offended and wanted me to promise not to share any information about our marriage with my family anymore. He wanted to work through our issues as well but felt that was not possible with my family’s opinion being so valuable to me. He didn’t want them to have an effect on our marriage. This only caused more issues because I would not agree to his request. I felt that even if my family wants me to leave my husband, I will still benefit from their support rather than feeling alone. Instead, we both agree to seek professional advice on our situation.

Seeking Professional Advice

After fighting for such a long time, it felt great to finally agree on getting professional assistance. While completing Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, we were able to come to a compromise allowing my family to have a part in our personal life while not over stepping boundaries. Additionally, we are now in a place where we are so happy without the constant fighting.  Our tough time is finally over and we owe our success to Marriage Fitness. It can change your marriage dynamics around to your benefit just like it saved our marriage. I highly recommend Marriage Fitness to anyone in need.

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