My Husband Is Not Affectionate Anymore

My name is Felicia and recently I realized that my husband is not affectionate anymore. He never was the most affectionate person, but after 6 years of marriage it came to the point where he hardly touched me, told me he cared about me, or even acted like we were married.

I was thinking we were close to a divorce until it all changed. Keep reading to learn how.

The Lack of Affection Happened Gradually

My husband was never someone to show affection in public or around his friends. And I was ok with that. It was a common man thing.

But after only one year of marriage he stopped showing affection in private as well.

He no longer hugged or kissed me. He didn’t sit next to me when we watched tv. He stopped telling me he loved me before leaving for work. It was like everything changed, and all of the sudden he was treating me more like an acquaintance than his wife!

Fast forward to a year ago, and I was ready to call it quits. This isn’t what I expected from a marriage. I want my husband to want me. To be interested in me. To make me feel appreciated and loved.

And I wasn’t getting it!

I Wanted to Feel Loved Again

About 9 months ago I shared my problem with a close friend. She asked me frankly, “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with someone who is not showing you affection and the love you deserve?”

She was right. That night when my husband came home from work I confronted him and told him something needs to change or I’ll have to consider a divorce.

Shockingly, he had no idea that I was feeling so neglected. He told me that he does love me and that he needed help to show me. That’s how we found this website.

Because my husband is a very private person he felt more comfortable with an online alternative to marriage counseling.

We signed up and began completing the exercises every week.

The Online Alternative to Marriage Counseling Saved Our Marriage

We learned more about each other in just a few exercises than we did in our 6 years of marriage. My husband learned why I was disappointed with the lack of affection and began to open up and show me how much he really loves me.

The exercises helped to show us each other’s perspectives on our relationship, set goals, and plan for the future. Communication in marriage increased 10 fold.

We became closer after the increased affection. We snapped at each other less. I became happier and began to do more for my husband. He was happier that I was happier. We were both more romantic. Everything just came together.

Our marriage was saved!

Discover 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage

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If my husband and I hadn’t found this site, I’m not sure that we’d still be together. And that’s an awful thought considering how happy we are now! I hope it can help your marriage too.

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