My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

Are you longing for your husband to look at you with the love in his eyes that he had when you first fell in love?  Do you feel that your husband is not attracted to you?  Marriage Fitness can help you and your husband rebuild your marriage and you will never have the thought “my husband is not attracted to me” again.

I am more than happy to offer a testimony for the Teleboot Camp! In my opinion it is the best marriage course I’ve heard of or read about.

He Won’t Look At Me Like He Used To

This course was my last ditch effort to stay in my marriage. I’ve had one foot out the door for the past 2-3 years, but because of two young children, I have been holding out and looking for miracles. My marriage has been a huge disappointment b/c we have developed horrific habits and treat each other badly. In the 7 week course I have seen my husband make huge changes and he says the same about me. We are now at a point where we kind of “like” each other again which is amazing. The course and listening to Mort’s phone conferences work so well because he is SO non-judgemental and only looks for solutions. You are expecting to hear “i can’t believe your husband does that” or “You realize what you did was wrong,….”…. Instead the boot camp deals w/ NOW and w/ moving forward which is something you CAN do… you can’t change the past so why make people feel guilty which is what a lot of counselors do.

My Husband Took To Mort’s Advice

I am also surprised at how much my husband took to Mort’s advice. He can be very difficult, judgemental and close minded… but he got into the course and actually did the assignments. We now are excited about what our marriage can be if we continue to “do” the work and keep creating love… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We are both committed to better ourselves for our marriage, our self-dignity and our children.

We just went out w/ another couple last weekend and when they started bickering we just said … then we laughed so hard b/c we know how ridiculous we used to look always bickering ourselves! We’ve come a long way and have a long way to go but at least we are speaking, connecting and are hopeful. We went from threatening divorce every week to making plans to join a tennis league. We could NOT have done this alone. There was way too much animosity and resistance.

My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

Another huge plus is my kids are more relaxed… they changed as much and as fast as we did. They went from uptight and anxious to happier and more peaceful……AND a girlfriend of mine wants to know what pill I’m on… she said she hasn’t seen me this positive (about everything) in 2 years! Needless to say she wrote down the Boot Camp website before she left my house! She was very suspicious that I was giving her a website but that it was just a pill I was taking!

Not Willing To Settle For Mediocrity In Our Marriage

To be honest my husband and I only put in about 40% effort and saw HUGE results..(like I said we were almost enemies so it was quite difficult to go from 0 to a 100). now we are excited to keep putting in more and more effort and take our marriage to the highest level possible.

So, thanks Mort for everything you have been a God-send to us and our children…No matter what happens I know I now have the information, skills and concepts to create love in my relationship. My husband and I are at a point where we are not as needy or desparate. We are becoming 2 adults who would like to stay together for the right reasons and aren’t willing to settle for a mediocre marriage anymore. We have raised the bar and now both are more aware and accountable for our words and actions. I thought our marriage would just be mediocre at best and now am unwilling to accept that. I’m striving for awesome and won’t stop till I get there!

You can feel that your husband is attracted to you again! You can start saying things like, “My husband even passed me a compliment”.  He loves you. Use Marriage Fitness to learn how to bring out that love.

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