My Husband Takes Me for Granted

My name is Rita and my husband takes me for granted.

Terry and I first met each other seven years ago and have been married for five. Our marriage started out great, with Terry working and me staying home to take care of our two kids, but it took a turn when Terry got a new job.

It seems like changes like this are always gradual and you only notice them when they get really bad.

If you want to learn more about how my husband takes me for granted and what I did to save my marriage, then keep reading.

If you’re in a similar situation, hopefully the information you find here will help you save your marriage.

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I am a...

Sometimes I Feel Like My Husband Doesn’t Respect Me

Terry had always made good money for as long as I’ve known him, good enough that he was able to support not just me, but two children as well.

We had arranged for him to work while I became a stay at home mom after our second child was born, but it was at that time that it seemed like things began changing.

Terry took a new job as the head of PR for a big defense company and, while it was more money than he had been making in marketing, it was also much more stress.

He would often be gone before sun up and not back until well after dark.

I knew how hard his job was, which is why I would do everything I needed to ensure the house was always in order. There was always food waiting for him, and he wouldn’t need to worry about anything once he set foot in the house for the night.

But sometimes, getting him to do even something small could turn into a fight. 

I should have seen the trouble signs in our marriage, when I asked him to give Ellie, our daughter, a bath while I fed our son, Colin.

He complained at first, and it was on the verge of becoming a full-blown argument until I agreed to do it.

I made the mistake of writing it off as stress and just tried not to think about it again.

I slowly began to realize more and more that my husband takes for granted when little issues would escalate at every turn.

He would berate me over the phone while I was in the store about what brands to buy.

Sometimes I would have errands to run, so the cleaning would fall behind. Terry would make sure I heard about it.

When he wanted to relax after a hard day’s work, he would always do it by watching TV or going for drinks with his friends. He never spent much time with me.

Sometimes I Would Feel Like My Husband Doesn’t Respect Me

I didn’t know how to approach Terry to talk to him about what I was feeling, so I did nothing at all.

It didn’t take me long to realize that was probably the biggest mistake I could make.

In order to deal with the fact that my husband takes me for granted, I made plans to get away on my own for a day one weekend.

Terry had decided to put in extra time at his office, so I took the kids to my mother’s and treated myself. A day of relaxation and self-indulgence turned out to be nothing, because Terry was FURIOUS that I had been gone all day and didn’t do anything around the house.

It was the worst argument we had ever really had and it made me feel awful. I’m just glad the kids didn’t see it.

He accused me of being lazy. I told him I was tired of the fact that my husband treats me like a child.

What felt like hours of screaming had passed and he stormed out.

I asked my mom to keep the kids for the rest of the weekend and I stayed in the house.


Terry came back Monday morning and took the day off from work. We both knew that we had to evaluate our marriage.

How We Worked Through Our Marital Problems

The fact that my husband takes me for granted isn’t a unique issue, but I didn’t know if it was one that could be solved through traditional marriage counseling.

Luckily, Terry and I found an online marriage counseling alternative that was all about strong communication in marriage and its role in working through problems.

Through that solution, I would tell Terry about how I felt as though my husband takes me for granted. I told him about how I appreciate everything he does for our family, but it seems like he doesn’t give me any attention.

The Counseling Alternative Improved Our Marriage

Over time, we learned to talk to reach other. I would provide support for him when his job had him down, and he would agree to help out around the house when I felt like I needed it.

We still have some work to do but, thanks to our strengthened communication, I know we’ll make it.

If you have trouble with your wife or husband taking you for granted, I encourage you to fill out the information below and start getting your marriage back on track as soon as possible. It worked for us!

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