My Husband Talks To His Ex Wife Too Much

My Husband Talks To His Ex Wife Too Much

Hello, my name is Marie. My husband Don and I have been married for the past seven years. When I married Don, I also gained his three beautiful children. I also quickly realized that I would have to deal with his ex wife a lot. So much that I feel that my husband talks to his ex wife too much.

My Husband Talks To His Ex Wife Too Much

When I met my husband, I was obviously aware that he was married previously and had children with his ex. I wasn’t bothered by that, and I was still eager to get to know him. As time went on, I was under the impression that the only interaction that Don had with ex wife was regarding the children. By no means would I want to be the person to make what seemed like an amicable divorce into a nasty divorce, especially when children are involved.

Along With A Husband, Came an Ex Wife

When my husband and I got married, I quickly learned that not only did my husband and his ex wife speak a lot about their children, but they spoke a lot about everything under the sun. They seemed like the best of friends. I sound jealous, but I sort of feel like I’m the odd woman out when it comes to my husband’s friendship with his ex wife.

There are no such things as boundaries when it comes to what my husband’s ex wife knows about our relationship. She always seems to give her two cents on everything. I respect my husband’s ex wife but I respect the sanctity of marriage more. I feel like my marriage is not a healthy one, and I don’t need another lady, let alone my husband’s ex wife to be involved in our relationship.

Overstepping Boundaries

As much as I ask my husband to limit the amount of times that he speaks to his ex wife, and to keep the conversations about basic things, and nothing personal between my husband and I, my husband agrees for the time being, and then he goes ahead and continues his friendship with his ex wife.

My husband gets upset if I would dare speak to a male friend, but he thinks I’m being a jealous wife when he speaks to his ex wife. He doesn’t realize that the male friends that I once had never had a deeper relationship with me, and with his relationship with his ex wife, not only did they have a deeper relationship, but they had children together!

As time went by, my husband’s ex wife became more present in our lives, and more involved in our relationship. I finally grew sick of it. Instead of acting irrationally, I decided that maybe it would be best if my husband and I would go to marriage counseling. To my surprise, my husband actually agreed with my idea and together we found Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. Through this program, we learned what boundaries are, and what boundaries work for our marriage.

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