My In Laws Always Tell My Husband To Divorce Me

My In Laws Always Tell My Husband To Divorce Me

The biggest problem in my marriage is that my in laws always tell my husband to divorce me. It has caused a lot of tension in both our marriage and our relationship with my husband’s family. I am greatly offended by the comments, but most of all I am also insulted that my husband does not defend me or our marriage to his parents. I felt completely alone. I wanted to find a happy medium where we could create a relationship with my in laws without their consistent insulting comments. My name is Lauren and I am sharing my story as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. My blog can show you how I was able to fix my marriage and prevent the insulting comments from affecting my relationship with my husband.

Our History

My husband and I have been married for twelve years and have two beautiful girls together. We live a very simple life but have a great family life for the most part. However, there is one exception: my husband’s parents have not been fond of our relationship since the beginning. Fortunately, it has not been a big issue until now, but it has become extremely problematic within the last year. My husband and I began having typical marriage problems which prompted my in laws to begin influencing my husband’s feelings towards me. The issues we were facing could have been easily rectified. However, my in laws always tell my husband to divorce me which swayed my husband’s decision to mend our failing marriage.

My in laws always tell my husband to divorce me

Taking Time

The most hurtful part of this whole situation was that my husband was not interested in working on our marriage anymore. Because my in laws always tell my husband to divorce me, it has now become an option. My husband was not fully convinced that we need to separate, but with the fighting and arguing that accompanied our situation, divorce sounded like the easier choice to him. I, on the other hand, wanted to fight the battle that we were facing. I wanted to keep my family whole, happy and healthy. As many times as I tried convincing my husband to work through this hardship with me, he didn’t have the same feelings as me. He was not fully against our relationship, however he did ask for time to think.

Another Option

I thought that I had no other option but to give my husband what he asked for. It turns out that was false. I had another option. I became a lone ranger in the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp. I was so afraid to work on my marriage alone, but the program showed me how to win my husband back and get him to join in with me. When my husband asked for time, I thought it was the end of our marriage. Marriage Fitness made it possible for my husband and I to save our marriage and approach the issue at hand.

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