My In Laws Always Tell My Wife To Divorce Me

My In Laws Always Tell My Wife To Divorce Me

Even though my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, it has not affected our marriage until recently. As much as I would like to believe that their opinion is not influencing my wife’s decision, I am wrong. I have come to the conclusion that my wife’s choice to divorce me is mainly because of her parents’ persuasion. Our marriage was far from perfect, but it was definitely salvageable. I made a pact that I would do whatever it took to stop my wife from filing for a divorce. My name is David and I am writing about my marital journey as a guest blogger for Marriage Fitness’ website. My story can show you how to turn your similar situation into a positive experience.


Because I knew that my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, it has made for an uncomfortable atmosphere whenever we are together. With that being said, I knew that the first step I needed to take was to try to win my wife’s parents over. Unfortunately this was not as easy as it seemed. They had no interest in hearing my opinions and were set on getting my wife to divorce me. The most difficult part of this whole situation was that my wife really valued her family’s opinion, which inevitably allowed her parents to take advantage of the mess we were in. However, I was extremely determined to win my wife back that I was not going to let this get in the way.

My in laws always tell my wife to divorce me

Finding the Next Move

I wasn’t sure what my next move should be considering that my wife was not willing to see a marriage therapist. My wife moved out into her parent’s home and did not want to have contact with me, let alone discuss our problems. I figured that because my in laws always tell my wife to divorce me, there would be no point in convincing my wife to hear me out. It seemed that my wife and my in laws had already chosen divorce and there would be no swaying this decision. I had nowhere to turn to. I felt hopeless. I thought that I had no other options but to give up on my marriage. However, I knew that I would hate myself if I gave up now. I knew there must be another way to handle this and I was going to figure out how.

Marriage Fitness Boot Camp

After much consideration and research, I realized that I had nothing to lose by trying marriage therapy alone. However, when I heard about Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp, I knew it would be prefect for my situation. I was able to complete that program without my wife present. Marriage Fitness showed me how to approach my personal situation in a way that would benefit both my relationship with my wife and my in laws. My wife and I are now happily married again and the influence of my in laws is no longer there.

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