My In Laws Are Ruining My Marriage

My In Laws Are Ruining My Marriage

My in laws are ruining my marriage and I don’t know how to put a stop to it without insulting anyone. My name is Katherine and I am writing as a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. At the beginning of my marriage, I had a healthy relationship with my husband whole family. We had the perfect amount of communication and distance with each other. My husband and I were young and in school so my in laws graciously gave us financial assistance. We were extremely appreciative and thankful. However, it seemed to me that my in laws would use this as leverage. My husband disagreed with my way of thinking. He really valued his parent’s opinions so this topic became a huge problem in our marriage.

Avoiding Our Problem

The problems only began after my in laws started to control our marriage. They told us where to live, how to live, and how to handle our finances. Unfortunately, my husband did not feel the same way. If I mentioned my thoughts on this subject he would redirect the conversation or politely ask if we could speak about it another time. Needless to say this topic was not mentioned which caused a lot of tension. I felt like my in laws are ruining my marriage and I felt that I didn’t have any options. Because I was holding my feelings in, it was slowly building resentment towards my in laws and it became even more difficult to spend time with them.

My In Laws Are Ruining My Marriage

One Issue Leading to Another

Over time it seemed that one issue was leading to another. Both my husband and my in laws realized that distance was growing between us. My in laws believed that I was intentionally trying to create issues between my husband and them so they began to bad mouth me to him. What upset me the most about this situation was that my husband did not stick up for me nor did he defend me to his parents. At times I even thought that my in laws are ruining my marriage intentionally. I knew that I had to take action to fix my marriage or it would be too late and would be ruined forever.

Seeking Out Help

None of my attempts at confronting my husband were successful so I knew that I had to take another approach. I sought out help from Mort Fertel and was instructed to complete his Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp. My husband agreed that we needed the extra assistance and joined me. We worked through our obstacles with the help of this amazing program. We are now able to spend time with my husband’s parents without it causing issues. My husband and I are also happier in our marriage than we have ever been. We are so happy with the results of the boot camp. I truly believe that Marriage Fitness Boot Camp can help turn any marriage around.

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