My Wife Doesn’t Respect Me

My Wife Doesn’t Respect Me

Hi, my name is Amanda. As a guest blogger for a marriage blog, I have heard about many different situations. All marriages vary and no two face the same challenges. However, after awhile you may begin to see patterns. One thing people seem to agree on is that respect is a very important component in the marital relationship. If a husband is given cause to say “My wife doesn’t respect me,” then a change has to be made. It can go the opposite  way as well. A husband should respect his wife, in the same degree that a wife should respect her husband. When a husband feels that his wife doesn’t respect him, it can undermine his confidence. Why is respect so important? Why does it affect so many other things?

Man Of The House

A mans house is more then just his home. A man is usually the breadwinner. His self- esteem may be based to a large extent on his ability to support his family. If a man is able to take care of his family nicely, this can do a lot for his confidence. His wife also plays a large part in this. She has the power to give him the feeling that he is good provider and she respects him for that. Or she has the ability to do just the opposite. If a wife doesn’t appreciate her husbands efforts, this can make him feel unappreciated. When people feel unappreciated, they may find themselves lacking in motivation. The feeling a wife can give her husband when he feels that she respects him is very important for their relationship. If she makes him feel like the “man of the house” chances are that he will rise to the challenge.

Appreciation – Giving And Getting

Respect and appreciation go hand in hand. When you appreciate someone for something they have done for you, this can lead you to respect them as well. A husband needs to feel that his wife respects him. Women tend to need to be appreciated for. The key in a marriage is to give your spouse what they need. For example,  a man  may need to be respected for his ability to fix the kitchen sink. It would be exemplary for his wife to let him know she respects his ability to do so. This is a little thing that could make a big difference. It could also go a long way towards banishing thoughts like “my wife doesn’t respect me.”

My Wife Doesn't Respect Me

Reaping The Rewards

Some of these things may sound difficult. Indeed, to some couples it may sound impossible. While respect is necessary in a marriage, circumstances may make it difficult to communicate. Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele – boot Camp could be the program for you. It teaches you and your spouse easy to use techniques to improve your marriage. The program helps you learn how to communicate in a more effective way. When your wife doesn’t respect you, its time to take action. Check into the Marriage Fitness Tele-boot Camp today, to take the first step in improving your marriage.










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