My Wife Doesn’t Take Care Of Me

My Wife Doesn’t Take Care Of Me

My Wife Doesn't Take Care Of Me

Hello, my name is Richard. For the past eighteen years I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Jodi. These eighteen years have not been smooth sailing when it comes to health, and finances. In the past, we have managed to make do with what we have but now it has come to the point where my wife doesn’t take care of me.I know I must sound a little babyish by saying that my wife doesn’t take care of me. I am a grown man and I am capable of caring for myself but what I mean by saying that I am not taken care of is that my wife is nowhere to be found when I need her.

Nowhere in Sight

My career is extremely demanding. By no means is it a come home from a long day of work and I don’t have to care about work anymore. Each hour that I am up, I have to be on call fro work. In fact, each second that I am sleeping, I am on call. I love my job but I just need a second hand.

When I get home from being on the run all day, I never have food available to me. I am not just saying dinner, but food in general. I come home daily to an empty refrigerator. It boggles my mind because I know that I was the one who filled it the previous day. If I want to speak to my wife about my day or about stuff in general, either she is not really paying attention or she will just outright say that she is not interested.

Not Making It Easy

The times that I do try to spend time with my wife is made very difficult. She always has plans with someone else that were arranged weeks before. It just seems that she will drop whatever she is doing to hang out with her friends but when it comes to spending time with me, she just doesn’t care.

I wouldn’t even dare to try being affectionate towards my wife. If I ever would, she would quickly push me away and tell me that she is tired. Whatever I do seems like I am not doing something right, and I constantly feel like I am walking on extremely thin ice. I don’t want my wife to be so repulsed by me but unfortunately it seems like she is.

The constant feeling of rejection and that my wife doesn’t take care of me needed a change so I reluctantly spoke to my wife about counseling. To my surprise, she was on board with the idea. Together, we came across Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. Through this program, we were able to realize how important we are to each other and to cherish each day together. I’m so happy and relieved to finally have my high school sweetheart back, and most importantly, I feel loved again.



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