My Wife Isn’t Physically Attracted To Me

My Wife Isn’t Physically Attracted To Me

Hello, my name is Kyle. I have been married to my wife Lori for the past thirteen years. Throughout the thirteen years that we have been married, we had two children. Personality wise, my wife and I are pretty much the same. Our schedules are quite hectic, and because of that I haven’t been the best at keeping up with taking care of myself. Not only does it bother me that I have pretty much given up on taking care of myself but, my wife isn’t physically attracted to me.

How Quickly Things Change

When we first met, I was in great physical shape. The gym was my second home, and eating healthy was the only option for me. Once we got married, I devoted all of my time to Lori. I thought I was doing the right thing by being home with Lori, and being easy going about the food that she made but I guess I was wrong.

Anytime I want to be affectionate towards my wife, she makes every excuse to avoid being with me. If I would dare hold her hand, she would quickly push away. Putting my arm around wasn’t even an option because she would be gone before I could even lift my arm. Anything that I would put on, my wife would tease me about the way it fits. I know I might sound childish, but having someone that you absolutely love with all of your heart constantly making fun of how you currently look is really hurtful.

Getting the Kids Involved

Even around the kids, my wife would make sure to put me down while we are eating. It’s one thing for her to not be proud of how I look, but to have my children tell me that Mommy only wants you to drink skim milk really irks me. I don’t want my children to ever be embarrassed of the way that I look. I want them to be proud of their father, and I certainly don’t want my children to be the ones telling me what I can and can’t eat.

My Wife Isn't Physically Attracted To Me

Taking a Stand

To make my wife happy, I put myself on a diet and started going to the gym again. Instead of  her being proud that I am making steps in the right direction, she is back to complaining that I am never home. Nothing that I do is right for her. She still doesn’t want to be near me and is definitely not attracted to me anymore.

Feeling that my wife isn’t physically attracted to me really bothered me, and finally I decided to confront my wife about what I was feeling. At first, she told me that I was paranoid but after discussing my feelings with her, and giving examples to prove my case, my wife finally acknowledged that my feelings were indeed correct. We both decided that we needed to find something to rectify the situation, and after going through a bunch of possible solutions, we agreed that Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program was the best solution to help our marriage. After using the program, we were able to learn how to be proud to be with each other again.


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