How Online Counseling Solved Our Newlywed Marriage Problems

Newlywed Marriage Problems

My name is Sarah Franklin and I’d like to tell you that newlywed marriage problems don’t have to mean a divorce.

My husband Rick and I had been married for just over a year. At first, things were going great—we rarely fought, we enjoyed spending time together, and neither of us kept any secrets from the other. However, a few months after the honeymoon, issues living with each other began to bubble up and it didn’t take long before we determined that we desperately needed help.

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Coping With Relationship Issues

I learned quickly that Rick was terrible with money. For instance, he would go out to the bar and spend over $100 on drinks for his friends! He even bought a new TV without asking me first.

When I came to him with questions about his spending, Rick’s flippant attitude about it didn’t help things. But money was only the start of our newlywed marriage problems.

Before our marriage, Rick and I used to spend time together doing fun things. It didn’t really matter what the activity was – we enjoyed it because we were spending time together.

When I wanted to spend time with Rick on the weekends after our marriage, I was hoping we could go shopping or take a walk at the park. But all Rick wanted to do was watch sports on TV.

We used to make quite a team, too. When we were a couple in college, Rick and I would help each other study. Sometimes things would get a little romantic, but we mostly kept each other on track. The important thing was that we got things done together.

One weekend after we tied the knot, I asked him for help with the dishes. He told me he was too busy. When I told him to stop watching TV and come help, he told me he was too tired from his job and didn’t have the energy.

I remembered back to the days before our wedding when Rick and I had fun together, and I started to get depressed. There was less intimacy in our relationship, and I was afraid that our newlywed marriage problems would send our relationship off a cliff.

Desperate, I searched the internet for marriage advice, counseling tips, and any answers I could find to help with the issues Rick and I were having.

Online Marriage Advice Saved Our Relationship

One day, I came across an online marriage counseling program that held a lot of promise. I tried to get my husband to join me, but he didn’t think we had any newlywed marriage problems.

I figured I’d give it a shot, since the alternative was too much to bear. I quickly learned that the newlywed marriage problems Rick and I faced were actually some of the most common:

  • Money
  • Roles in the household
  • Spending time together

Being married puts a lot of stress on people just starting out with their marriage. Rick and I were coping with that stress in our own ways, but needed some activities we could do together to help our marriage grow.

Thankfully, the online marriage counseling program had tons of activities that would allow us to talk about our emotions and figure out our roles in the relationship.

I confronted Rick and begged him to try an activity with me. At first, he was skeptical and refused. But then he said he’d try just one. The result? Rick and I finally discussed some of our newlywed marriage problems.

We talked about money, coping with stress, and why we weren’t spending more time together. The next day, Rick even put together a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of us. Needless to say, Rick became a believer in online counseling.

Getting Help

Rick and I are still working through our newlywed marriage problems. The difference is that today we are happier than ever in our marriage, and we get a little bit better at coping with our problems every day.

Without an online marriage counseling alternative, Rick and I might not still be married today. We certainly wouldn’t be as happy, and would still be very stressed out.

Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness course was and still is the tool we’ve used to save our relationship. Even today, Rick and I still go back to the CDs and revisit the exercises for more tips. Best of all, we never knew marriage counseling could be so much fun!

If you are suffering newlywed marriage problems, you’re not alone, and there is help. Fill out the form below and Mort will send you some free tips that could get your marriage back on track.

I’m sure glad I did, and Rick is too!

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