Saving Your Marriage Alone

Fixing a relationship is easier if both husband and wife are dedicated to making it work. But what about saving your marriage alone when a spouse is uncooperative?

While it is difficult to keep a failing marriage from ending in divorce all by yourself, it is far from impossible.

My name is Kevin and I am a guest blogger on Mort’s site. Keep reading for advice on saving your marriage alone.

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You Can’t Do It Without Talking

When you first start approaching your spouse about your concerns, don’t be surprised if their initial response is to avoid the conversation entirely. Confronting marital problems is uncomfortable. Respect your partner’s uneasiness, but don’t give in to the silence.

If you are intent on saving your marriage alone, it is your responsibility to keep the lines of communication open at all costs.

This may involve finding creative ways to keep in contact with your spouse. If they doesn’t want to talk right away, or if they are unwilling to go to marriage counseling, write him a letter. Make him a video message. Leave notes in discrete places. Written conversation is better than none at all.

Eventually, the two of you will need to sit down and engage in dialogue.

If you are stumped for discussion topics, start at the beginning. Reminisce about the early days of your relationship. Share memories of when you first fell in love. From there, you can move on to topics of shared interest. This is a great lead-in to a conversation about your lost connection with each other.

You Don’t Always Have Friends in Low Places

While you’re out saving your marriage alone, you may be tempted to consult close friends, especially those who are involved in healthy marriages.

This is not a good idea. I am NOT advocating that you dump all of your problems in the laps of your trusted friends.

Using your friends as marriage therapists is dangerous. You run the risk of making your private marital issues public knowledge.

As badly as you might want to ask for support without revealing the details of your situation, you turn to a professional instead.

Help for an Uncooperative Spouse


Unfortunately, all your valiant efforts to persuade your spouse that your relationship needs help might still prove fruitless. The truth is, some people are just too stubborn to admit that anything is wrong.

This does not mean, however, that you should just throw up your hands and surrender to eternal unhappiness.

Saving your marriage alone is still feasible with a little outside support. Gently suggest marital counseling. If your spouse says “no” to your suggestion for help, the worst thing you can do is to continue to annoy them.

Go to marriage counseling on your own if you must, but understand that marriage therapy is often unsuccessful even when BOTH partners attend.

You might ask, “So how can this marriage be saved?”

If you are really dedicated to stitching your relationship back together, consider Marriage Fitness instead.

Marriage Fitness is a systematic, relationship-shaking program that is revolutionizing marriages across the country.

Saving your marriage alone is easy with Marriage Fitness. The Lone Ranger Track is designed to teach you how to single-handedly improve your situation and motivate your unwilling spouse to finally join you in the healing process.

You’ll learn how change your spouse by first changing yourself.

Marriage Fitness gives you time-tested advice on how to save space in your schedule for your spouse, neutralize your own marriage problems and enact positive habits within your personal life.

Marriage Fitness has transformed marriages torn apart by:

  • A dull sex life
  • Denial
  • Mid-life crises
  • Absence of affection
  • Stubbornness
  • Lack of communication
  • Financial hardships

…and more!

If you are stuck saving your marriage alone, I have a challenge for you.

I invite you to get your feet wet with my free – yes, FREE – e-course, “7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage” (without counselors). I will also send five marriage assessments right to your inbox.

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Good luck and thank you for reading!

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