Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated?

Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated?

Hello, my name is Carol. Almost fifteen years ago, I married my best friend, Josh. At the time, the vows between the two of us, were the most sacred vows to me. I always thought that we would live our happily ever after, and everything would be smooth sailing. Little did I realize, that a marriage takes a lot of work, and a marriage is made up of many compromises. Looking back to the beginning of our relationship, more importantly our marriage, I was very immature. Instead of working on our marriage, I strayed from my marriage after one bad argument. Right away I realized what I was doing, and I stopped. At the time, I thought that because I stopped, I wouldn’t have to tell my husband but as time went on, I started wondering, should I tell my husband  I cheated?

Realizing What I did

As time went on, my relationship with my husband prospered. There would be many occasions where I would look back and think to myself how I could actually stray from my marriage. Not only did I grow in my thinking as a person, I also grew as a wife. There was nothing that I could possibly say that would make the situation better. I can’t believe that I didn’t think to work on whatever we were arguing about, and went somewhere else, with someone else.

A little thing like an argument would have gone away in a few hours, or maybe a day, my decision to stray from my marriage at the time would always be a tremendous source of guilt. Not only did I hurt myself, but my husband would be affected. The thought of hurting my husband made me doubt coming cleaning. I often wondered, should I tell my husband I cheated? Or should I pretend nothing happened, and continue about working to have a successful marriage.

Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated?

Needing A Change

After a while of going back and forth, I finally decided that I wasn’t able to have a fully successful marriage, if I wasn’t honest about the past. As much as I hated bringing up the past, I needed to fix the past to work on the future. I just didn’t know how.

I spoke to my friend who I told what I had done wrong, and realized that I couldn’t tell my husband what I did without enlisting the help of a professional. At first,  I was thinking of going to a local marriage counselor but after searching online, I came across Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. Not only was I able to get successful advice on what I should do about my husband, and how to come clean in a honest way, I was able to achieve this all from the comfort of my own home.

Moving Forward

The truth hurt my husband, but he was able to see the hurt and sorrow in my eyes, and luckily he agreed on working on the future. It will take time for my husband, to one -hundred percent forgive me, but I’m lucky that he is at least giving me the chance. Thankfully, we were both able to learn the skills that we needed to have a successful marriage based on honesty and love.

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