Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated On Him

Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated On Him

After being unfaithful, I was faced with the pressing question: should I tell my husband I cheated on him or not? I was aware that I put myself into this situation; however, I was ready to make it right. There was only one thing holding me back. I was not sure how to properly approach the mess I had put myself and my marriage into. But, this would not get in my way of fixing my mistakes. I was determined to figure out a way to turn my situation around. My name is Kathleen and I am sharing my marriage success story as a guest blogger on the Marriage Fitness website. I hope that my story can be an inspiration to anyone in a similar predicament as me.

Realization, Regret, and Determination

After making such a horrible mistake, I realized that my marriage was the most special and important thing I had. I couldn’t lose it. I did not intend to be unfaithful, but at the same time I didn’t take the necessary measures in order to prevent this occurrence from happening. I immediately regretted my actions and wished that it had never happened. For days on end, I blamed myself for the horrible decisions I had made. I knew I had to take responsibility for my wrong doings but didn’t know which approach to take. Should I tell my husband I cheated on him? I knew if I told him, he would want to leave me. If I kept this a secret, I didn’t think I would be able to live a healthy marriage. I was faced with one of the hardest choices of my life.

Should I Tell My Husband I Cheated On Him

The Deciding Factor

Not knowing what to do only caused more strife between my husband and me. It created a large distance between us which allowed for more arguing. Weeks went by and I was still deciding: should I tell my husband I cheated on him? I was terrified that either way I went, my marriage would never be able to be good again. I was ready to give up on my marriage when my husband confronted me. He noticed that I was being strange recently and wanted an explanation. This was the deciding factor. I asked my husband to give me time to explain. I was going to ask for a professional opinion and follow the instructions exactly.

Seeking a Professional Opinion

I needed to know the answer before making a bigger mistake. I reached out to Mort Fertel from Marriage Fitness for advice on my specific situation. Marriage Fitness gave me step by step instructions on how to approach my marriage and correct the mistake that I had made. My husband and I joined the Boot Camp as well and now have the best communication with one another. We are so grateful for all that Mort Fertel and Marriage Fitness has done for us. We don’t know where our marriage would be this day without them.

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