Should I Tell My Wife I Cheated On Her

Should I Tell My Wife I Cheated On Her

Many people have asked the same question as I have: Should I tell my wife I cheated on her or do I keep it a secret? I didn’t even know if there was one right answer? Maybe it was different for each individual situation? All of the above questions were circling in my head and I had no idea how to find the answers to any of them. However, I was willing to do anything in my power to find a solution the mess that I created. My name is Joe and I am a guest blogger for the Marriage Fitness website. Continue reading my story to see how I was able to get the answers I was searching for while creating a happy and healthy marriage.

The Biggest Mistake of My Life

I am ashamed to say that I have made the biggest mistake of my life. My wife and I were at a point in our marriage where we were no longer communicating with one another. We had been going through a rough patch which neither of us was at blame for. I began having an affair for a few months. However, slowly it seemed like my wife and I were becoming closer to each other. We began communicating and I actually enjoyed spending time together. I ended my affair as I felt extremely guilty. And this is when the questions began. Should I tell my wife I cheated on her? Everything seemed to be going in the right direction without telling her so I chose to wait and see how I felt in a few weeks.

Should i tell my wife i cheated on her

The Guilt

When in the moment, a few weeks felt as if it was lasting a whole life time. The guilt that I felt for wrong doing my wife was eating me up inside. I did not know how I would be able to go another day with my awful secret. I made up my mind. I would tell my wife that I was unfaithful. Yet, each time I tried to bring up this topic, I always wound up stopping myself as I was terrified of losing my wife. So my question still stood: Should I tell my wife I cheated on her or not? At this point, I knew that it was time to ask for an unbiased opinion on my situation.

Finding The Answers

Finding out the answers to all of my above questions was a lot easier than I had expected. After contacting Mort Fertel’s office for the first time, I immediately felt confident in using their techniques to approach my situation. The advice that I received was not only beneficial to my current situation, but it was useful to our marriage as a whole. Without Mort Fertel and Marriage Fitness, my wife and I would not be together anymore. We are so thankful for the opportunity to better our relationship and stay in a healthy and happy marriage.

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