What Can I Do To Make My Husband Happy

What Can I Do To Make My Husband Happy

What Can I do to Make my Husband Happy?

Three months ago “HMD” and her husband and were so unhappy. She came to Mort Fertel asking, “What can I do to make my husband happy?” At first her husband resisted and he made it clear that he wanted a divorce. With the help of the Marriage Fitness program, she was able to turn her marriage around alone and make her husband happy again!

Dear Mort,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me save my marriage.

The Downward Spiral

We have been married 6 ½ years.  My husband travels for work.  As a result, more than 50% of our married life has been spent apart.  This has really taken a toll on us.  I have to wonder if any two people have been as hateful and volatile as we became!  We’ve been to marriage counseling 4 times in the last 6 years, and it didn’t help a bit.  We were the couple that made others jealous, but behind closed doors we could be worst enemies.  When we weren’t fighting, we were ignoring and avoiding each other, which was easy to do with him gone so much.

“My Husband Told me he was Done”

Three months ago my husband told me he was done.  He couldn’t handle the fighting anymore and wanted to move out.  He said he didn’t love me like a husband should love his wife.  He said he just didn’t care enough to try anymore.  He said he wanted a divorce.  Normally I was the one in our marriage who threw that word around.  But when he said it, my world came crashing down.  It was the first time he had ever said something like that and I knew he was serious.

Learning How to Make my Husband Happy Again

After the initial shock wore off, I decided not to just give up and let the divorce happen.  I got online and found your program.  With the money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose.  My husband had made it clear that he was done trying so I went with the Lone Ranger program.

It was really difficult, especially in the beginning.  For all the positive things I did, he was still very negative.  I would drive 5 hours to see him, take him homemade food, and he would kick me out.  But I persevered.  It has been 3 months, and my husband now says he is in love with me!  He makes me coffee every morning and he helps with the chores. We are making plans for the future!

I owe it all to you.  Thanks for everything!


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