What Can I Do To Make My Wife Love Me Again

What Can I Do To Make My Wife Love Me Again

What Can I Do To Make My Wife Love Me Again

Have you ever been in a situation where you think to yourself, “what can I do to make my wife love me again“? Keep reading to find out what one of our clients, name withheld upon request, did when he asked the same question.

My wife of 24 years informed me that she was no longer IN love with me, that she was having an affair with a long-time client of hers, and that she was going to divorce me. She was going to move out of the house and we were to work on figuring out an amicable parting of our lives. I was devastated, although not entirely caught by surprise.

Change the Dynamic of Your Relationship

After overcoming the shock and pain you feel when you realize there is a break in your relationship, it is important to figure out how to fix what went wrong and how to make your wife love you again.

I made some very good decisions in the first couple of weeks following having the bomb dropped on me. One of the best was deciding to enroll as a Lone Ranger in the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp .

Make a Change Within Yourself and in the Relationship

Following that, implementation of the Marriage Fitness concepts has made me a better person and has dramatically changed the momentum in our relationship.

Taking responsibility for his part, our client has shared his good news.  As I write this two incredible months later, my wife has broken off her affair and has re-engaged in our relationship. We still have a very long way to go to heal our lives, but the trajectory that our relationship is currently on is one that I could have never dreamed possible two short months ago. We are having fun together again and are both extending love and compassion to each other.

Hard Work Can Lead to Positive Results

All of this has occurred without my wife having the slightest clue about Marriage Fitness or Mort Fertel. I have characterized my participation on the calls and the time working on the materials as working on “healing myself,” a statement that is entirely true. The fact that it is also helping heal our marriage is a very pleasant side benefit that we are both currently enjoying. I am a living testimony to Mort’s belief that the actions of one can change the dynamic in a relationship.

Thank you Mort. I look forward to your further wisdom and counsel as we continue on our journey.

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